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what weighs 100g?

Discussion in 'General' started by brian hobo, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. i'm trying to recalibrate my digital scale and i need a 100 gram weight. it didn't come with one, so i'm trying to find something around the house. i know nickels weigh 5 grams, but finding 20 of those is hard work. anyone know how much quarters weigh?
  2. i just did some testing, and out of 15 quarters, the average was 5.6, but it went from 5.4 to 5.8 depending on year, like if it was a virgina quarter it weighed less then a south carolina quarter, your better off using nickles
  3. Recently mine have been going up and down by 0.1 to 0.2 g, i need to find a 100g weight aswell, probably just have to buy one though.
  4. i don't ha a digi scale so this is why im asking...

    i remember in school the scales just had a button on them that set them to zero. are you telling me that over time the scale just slowly gets off? wow... :smoke:
    also...why does it ahve to be 100 g?
  5. They do have the tare button which resets the scale to zero, but this doesnt fix the accuracy of the scale. Im not sure why it has to be 100g, except that it tells you to use that weight.
  6. I don't know if this helps, but when I was in high school all the science classrooms had various weights to use when doing different labs or whatever. They'd definately have a 100 gram weight.

    And really, how hard can it be to get 20 nickles? Take a dollar bill to the store and ask them, they'd give you them, and that should work fine.
  7. A nickle wieghs 5 grams. Use 20 nickles ;) It worked for my scale.
  8. if you cant find 20 nickles, try 100 dollar bills ;)

    hahaha hmmm... im pretty sure a mL of water wieghs a gram... not sure if you can just pour 100 mL of water onto the scale though... haha sorry im not much help.
  9. A 100g chocolate bar? Won't bee too accurate, though, I guess...
  10. my 100g calibration weight :D
  11. 20 nickels...100 dollar bills...a 100gram weight... use one of those..
  12. Yeah, both of those will work fine, just be sure to get 20 brand new nickels or 100 brand new dollar bills. They'll gain/loose weight over time, most likely loose.
  13. Never met a nickel that didn't weigh 5g (Except of course chipped or somehow otherwise deformed nickel.. but never met one that gained or lost weight with age :D )
  14. I agree nickles lose weight over time as they wear i just bought a new scale and was testing nickles last night and some did weigh less when your talking 20 of that can add up. i'm yet to try with new nickles instead of the change jar

    as far as why it has to be 100 g : most likely the scales internal programming has 100 as a preset amount and logically it would be a high enough number to establish accuracy or should we say X10 more accurate then using 10g
  15. Dude it was 6 years ago I'm sure he found out by now. -.-
  16. So I'm new

    and baked

    cut so slack
  17. he's right about the water thing... but it has to be distilled water, cant be tap water. tap water has added mineral and chemicals that will throw off the density.

    20 nickles would be most accurate though... just gotta find 20, lol.
  18. Im guessing its a Triton lol
  19. You just bumped an 8 year old thread

  20. I've calibrated my scale with calibration weights. After that I tried to weigh 20 nickels and they weren't all the same weight so I don't think you should do the nickel way

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