What week of flower is she,,and how does she look

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  1. Does she look healthy, dobi need to do anything? Feeding her molasses, started on osmocote plus, but now that she's in flower what should i do ? IMG_20170731_150436.jpg

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  3. Looks like week 3 or 4 of flower to me. Keep doing what you're doing she looks healthy. Switch to bloom nutes if you got em
  4. Thanks thats what i need to know.
  5. No one can answer that but yourself. Do you remember when the structure and calyxs started to change? Week 3 for one strain can look like week 5 or week 1 for others.
  6. If you looked at my garden you would know what I mean. It's totally different outdoors too. They say to just increase the PK ratio in flower
  7. Also looks like you have leaf miners and leaf hoppers. When u see those little bulges in the leaf, try to pop them. You'll hear eggs crunch inside the leaves. For the leaf miners same thing then just slice off that piece or it can cause mold. Plants look good overall. Maybe slightly underfed. You can grow from A to B with leaf miners but they can reduce yield/quality
  8. It might not be underfed actually. Plants turn yellow when they start to flower even with high ppm in soil but usually revert back to green after a couple weeks right before it starts to yellow out again with flush assuming that's what you're gonna do
  9. Thanks so much man,,them dam bugs are giving me the blues, dont want to spray anything on it since it's in flower., but please elaborate on your last statement. It started flower on july 17th
  10. I just started feeding her bloom nutes today.
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  11. What you will learn over time is that "weeks" as a measurement for growing cannabis is pointless. Different strains grow at different places. Wait until the pistils start curling and then use a jewler's loupe to check if the trichomes are mostly cloudy with a few amber heads (this is when you want to harvest).
  12. I just go by trichome's myself. Some strains will curl the hairs and yellow out right away as if they got pollinated but will still be growing new white hairs everyday. I currently have a strain that is doing this. My friend grew the same clone a couple months ago and I thought he got pollinated. Finally harvest last week, amd after combing thru nuggets we found no seeds. Now mine are flowwrong too and it's doing the same thing. Wierd. My gorilla glue is showing nothing but white hairs though

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