What we want from Occupy Wall Street

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Virtue 7, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I feel the urgency to use the ignore feature is rising.
  2. So let me get this straight. You get all sorts of tax breaks for owning 3 nice homes and insurance incentives paid for from my tax dollars. I don't have any of that, have worked the same job for the past 14 years, get nothing from the government and I'm the one who thinks stuff should be free? Sorry you've got me mixed up with you.
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    All you marihuana smokin hippe communists make me so git'dang angry...

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBAzLCA3DQc&feature=fvst"]Fighting Side of Me - Merle Haggard - YouTube[/ame]

    Im trolling by the way. I support OWS for the most part.


  4. no, you're confused. im saying i want me and people like me to pay more taxes so people like you have it better.

    but i keep having to defend that position against people that are poor but have been programmed to protect the system that keeps them poor.
  5. this is post would make ron paul proud.

    so i guess im wrong because you say im wrong. thats exactly like how ron paul backs up all his positions.
  6. The gold reserves in the world are defined and they are NOT in this country, lol.

  7. i wonder what ron paul thinks would happen if large gold deposits were discovered in russia or south africa and the levels of gold production skyrocket.

    does he prefer the russians control our monetary policy over our own government?

  8. Nope. He rather let the citizens choose.

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  10. stupid people will always be stupid..

    there's nothing you can say to educate them..

    i think when stupid people hear the truth, it scares their little brains or something.
  11. lol at thinking we have a free market.
  12. your joking right? as the free market has shown, if govenment doesnt put in environmental standards and regulations that corporations and people will do whatever is cheapest and easiest to earn a quick buck. Show me one case in history the free market had higher environmental standards? If anything there should be MORE regulation and higher standrads, as well as subsidies should be given to renewable and sustainable energy sources (such as bio fuel from hemp which an acre of can produce enough to run a car, heat a house, cook your food and have lots left over) until the industry/energy source becomes industrialized and large enough to support itself. THERE ARE ALTERNATIVE FUELS BUT THE FREE MARKET AND GREED PREVENT THEM FROM BEING INDUSTRIALIZED, why do you think hemp was first made illegal? it thretened the textile, energy, building material and big pharma companies that could make more profit from non renewable, non sustainable resources because they are in more limited supply and can charge people more for. Less environmental regulation and standards are what create higher emissions and unsafe products.
  13. Carbon taxes are a pay to pollute scheme that allow the big boys to pollute all they want, whilst making it too expensive for their competitors to compete in their respective industries, as they cannot afford to pay to pollute. Meanwhile the top corporation is polluting more then ever before, because their competitors have been forced out of business and now all the consumers are forced into doing business with them.

  14. I would like to note, free market does not outlaw alternative fuels. We call this corporatism, aka collusion of government power and business. Shrink government power, and business cannot implement unfair standards on their competitors, giving them a greater share over the market, as there are no special favors to be had from government.

    Also the oil industry is heavily subsidized, not a free market.
  15. Let me give you a better idea:

    For the government to stop cutting social programs whilst expanding direct subsidies to super corporations.

    Why do we need to raise taxes when we can easily prioritize what we have?
  16. But they'll still be rich, and have yachts, and own a Porsche, and nice houses!

    We've got people starving bro.
  17. Hemp couldn't be prohibited in a free market, thus the word "free".

    What you're talking about is a state planned economy where private corporations bribe politicians to do their bidding. Yayyy economic ignorance.

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