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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bubblegum_man20, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. Well 4 week in to this progect 3 weeks from seeds and the first 6 are doing great with about 20 more right behind them started with 2 250 hps for 2 weeks but now running 1 400 watt mh and 1 250 watt hps. Trying to get the clone thing down but it might take a while good luck all!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. top veiw

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  3. That wasn't very nice grasshopper, now I've got my eye on you.
  4. looking good cuz!
  5. whoa! grasshoper thats a way to get kicked off, dont be a complete asshole, give some advice if ur such an expert grower
  6. there not bad lookin plants dont listen to grasshopper! anyway here what i have to say about the grow first thing u should do is get each plant in there own bucket the reason for this is when the plants get a lil bigger there going to compeet for space like the roots will be crouded and eventulyy they will chocke each other out i would think? when u transplant them just untangle the roots try ur best not to brake the roots but if u do it should be ok and new root will grow back but not bad looking plants man u definitly should trans plant them in there own pots get back to us keep us posted with pic and shit and we can keep halping u along the way cya

  7. Great, grasshoppers first post and hes working on gettin banned already. Smart guy. Those look pretty good sounds like good advice to get em some more room soon

    Good luck
  8. looking good!!
    please keep up posted with pics in this thread with your progress of your growing plants :)
  9. Sorry about the pics all i have is a web cam and it doesn't do them justice at all thx for the replys i will keep u'all up to date seeya

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