What wattage would you recommend for my stealth grow?

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  1. This is the beginning to my very first grow. As expected I'm inexperienced and need some recommendations, basically I've decided upon a stealth grow within my DIY grow box(chest of drawers) but am unclear on what type of light and what wattage is best suited based on overall growth (veg+flower),temperature,space,lumens,spectrum etc for my limited conditions?
    These are the measurements im dealing with.
    Height - 73cm
    Width - 60cm
    Depth - 35cm
    Surface area - 16,170cm2
    Extra info:
    - Northern lights strain
    - I will/do have an appropriate fan
    - Electricity cost isn't a problem
    I Understand it will be a fairly small plant/harvest so LST,SCROG,TOPPING are methods I'm looking into. Cheeeers for any help peeeeeps

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  3. [quote name="babycow420" post="19358877" timestamp="1389986427"]A considerable amount of people doing micro grows use CFL's(here is a good guide), You should post some pictures for sure so we know what your dealing with. This is my setup and journal for my current stealth pc grow. http://forum.grasscity.com/micro-grows/1275113-babycows-stealth-pc-grow-bag-seed-grow-journal.html#entry19349233[/quote]Yeah got some good info from other threads about a load of stuff CFL is defo the way for me, cheers for the reply anywaysSent from my C6603 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. I, as usual, am an advocate for leds :)
    your box is large enough even for some manufactured led panels if you have no will to make one your self.
    My pc box will be ~35x17 cm, i will put in near 40w of leds in there, so im roughly guessing that you could go with ~120w of led power for a nice yield. (a rule of thumb is 60w per sq. foot (930 cm^2)
    if you go with cfl you will need way more than 120w. and you will waste space. but on the other hand you have way more headroom than i do, so you can actually fit cfls without too much losses.
    I guess it depends on how much $ you want to put in to this
  5. For this size cabinet, a DS100 from advancedledlights would be the best option I believe.
    I have a 60cm x 60cm cabinet and a 200W Solarflare from California Light works and love It, I've been consistently getting 4 zips per harvest in my cabinet.
    Never tried the Diamond series but I have read a lot of good reviews on them! They will be my next light when I do an expansion.
    CFLs work good too but you need to get them up close and good ventilation on the lights, I got 2 zips on my first plant with 8x 40W CFLs.
    Personaly, CFLs were a bitch to work with because you have to constantly be raising them as the plant grows. I love the ''Set it and forget it'' method! :p  With my organic soil with a wick going to a water tank, I only have to check on them about once a week to fill up the tank and it's been working good for about a year now, constantly getting 2-3 zips per plant of very dank budz! :) 

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