what wattage for a single plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tinytim, May 7, 2006.

  1. Ok, im wondering what wattage MH or HPS light i should get for a single plant. Also which should i get for growing thru the whole life of the plant. thanx
  2. hey man, dont grow a single plant unless its a female clone or feminized seed. reasoning behind this > you have a 1 in 2 chance of it being male, so all that electricity and time would set you back about 3 months.

    however, ive never grown before but i do a lot of research and it seems to me that you should have 50 watts per square foot of your grow room...therefore, one plant is about 1.5 square feet ( give or take depending on growing techniques )

    my personal recommendation, get a 400 watt hps because theyre cheaper than using several smaller ones and once you grow one plant you will want to grow many many more.

    good luck growing

    ps. use an hps all the way through, its decent for vegging but exceptional for flowering, the new 430 watt hps agro something has blue in its spectrum too which is great for vegging, if you cant get that, jus get the hps and supplement with some fluoros
  3. or if your cheap like me you can go the cfl route.
    6500k for veg. then 2700k for flower
  4. i kno theres a 50 % chance ittl be male, im also growing about 15 plants outdoor. I cant find any HPS lights really that i can afford. i thought 400 watts would be too much for a single plant, but i dunno
  5. but if u only grow 1 plant at a time and it would be a male wouldn't u still be able to get some bud from it
  6. ...no.
  7. i read u could but not as much as a female
  8. Sorry No "bud" from a male plant haus.
    You can make hashish with it though.
  9. yeah i have heard hash is the only choice for the male plant thats my route for em. as for the one plant growing, i say knock yourself out youve got plants outside. you can get 2 40 cfls and i think you might be good for a whyle.
  10. yes rite now i have 4 23w=100w CFLs on it seems to be doing ok, but once it gets larger im prolly going to be looking for something better like a mh or hps
  11. alright thanks for the info

    never herd of hash what is it exatclly and how do i make it
  12. risky doing 1 plant but, i was lucky with starting only 1 and got fem ;)
  13. Never heard of hash? It's basically MJ plant resins squeezed into a gummy block or cube that can be smoked and is extremely potent.
  14. alright im still confused tho how do i get it from the male plant or do i just use the leaves from the plant or somthing like that
  15. up

    so i can get some info
  16. up so i can get some of that info about hash or can i be directed to it because i am growing 2 plants right now
  17. use the search button, and dont hijack others threads. thanx!
  18. Seriously, I think you are way too fuck'n stupid to grow pot. I also am absolutely convinced you are not of the minimum age to be here. All of your questions to date could have easily been answered by using the search function or by reading some grow guides - INCLUDING THE ONE I GAVE YOU A LINK TO!

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