What wattage do grow lights need to be so it is can support veg and flowering?

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  1. I'm looking at grow lights on Amazon that are 300w, 450w, and 600w. The w's in these three don't indicate wattage, but I know that 450w has more wattage than the 300w and the 600w has more wattage than all the other two.

    I have looked at the Mars hydro 300w full spectrum growlight on Amazon and it's priced at around 70$. Has anyone used this grow light to get their plants to emerge from veg, pre flowering, to flowering? Would you recommend this? Or would you recommend another LED grow light with higher wattage and with a switch for veg and flowering?

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  2. The Mars 300w is probably one of the better Chinese blurples. I believe it pulls about 135w - good for only one plant.
    I don't know your budget but you might consider Quantum Boards.
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  3. Off your best guess, what do you estimate that this grow light can yield? Also since this is a full spectrum LED light, does it meet the necessary specifications to enable the plant to come out of pre flowering and enter into flowering?

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  4. Impossible to guess your yield because there are too many variables. 1 gram per watt is what most growers shoot for - if you were to achieve that, which is doubtful, you will yield 135 grams.

    I don't know anything about the spectrum of that light.

    Good luck.
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  5. Well in that case what are factors that would be involved to establish a gram/watt?

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  6. Experience, strain, veg time, medium, a perfect environment, and training.
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  7. Experience.

    My first grow averaged .5 gram/watt which included a ton of problems during the grow.

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  8. The old Mars 300s are pretty good for their price but compared to more modern LEDs they are lacking in efficiency. I have a couple of them and they use 150 watts each but mine are old, I believe MarsHydro lowered their wattage a couple of times, new ones use about 100w I think but the only way to be sure is test them yourself. You can get 2-3 ounces from one if you don't make too many significant mistakes
    Purple LEDs aren't full spectrum, full spectrum creates white light.

    But I recommend quantum boards or MarsHydro's new white LEDs. They are light years away from those old purple LEDs
  9. I am running 2 1500w actual like 265W draw and a 1000w bestva actual draw 185w
    And a 450w VIPARSPECTRA 200w actual draw .
    Now i am running a Quantum board
    HLG 550 Rspec 480w 3500k enhanced red.
    The plant with the tape measure is grown under QB
    The other is all 4 lights mentioned above

    My point is Quantum board in my opinion is a smarter buy in the long run
    Better yield better power consumption
    More bang for the buck .
    The purple lights definitely draw less than advertised but more from the wall .
    The proof is in the picture

    Happy growing . [​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. Quantom boards are expensive as fugg

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  11. You can get the DIY setups or I've heard
    Of people doing good with the HLG lights off amazon , they are like single 4000k quantum boards , like the same price as the purple LEDs

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  12. the phlizon cree cob are ok led grow lights they do 250w (actual watts) and 450w (actual watts) and 630w (actual watts) but they cant match quantum boards power quality and efficiency and coverage. the very true saying goes you get out what you put in when growing cannabis. how far are you willing to push the genetics of the strain and how much time and money are you willing to spend :)
  13. Depends how you perceive value.

    HPS is expensive - think about 50,000 hours: how much electric, how many changes of bulb, how much extra heat to get rid off?

    Buy cheap, pay twice.
  14. My QB96 cost 99 bucks. The driver was 100 but I got one I can add 2 more lights too. I just added a 2nd and the total cost is 315. I ran the single at 70w for awhile in veg then up too
    300 with a computer fan on the heatsink. This single Qb96 is a beast if you actively cool it out will take all the power you throw at it. And they scale well..

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  15. I upgraded 1 of my cob light to chilled logic puck v3.

    ChilLED Logic Puck V3

    I already had the matching heatsinks to start.
    Its a good looking alternative to the qb96. Watt for watt the qb96 can double the output of the chilled logic puck v3. But if your going to run them at 2100ma or less look into chilled logic puck v3. 20$ less than Qb96.

  16. I'm running two mars hydro sp 150's in my 3x3. Out of all my research this was the best bang for my buck for the space I have. Hope this helps.

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  17. I have one of the 250w versions and they're awesome aren't they. My last two grows with it I got 14 ounces from each one. Can't fault it for a 250w light that's ready to plug in when you buy it
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  18. I think it's mainly light quality, I did a sog 2x4 with 240w of Samsung f series (strips). All the plants/buds were amazing, dense nugs great smells etc. Basically anything you can fit comfortably under them will grow great
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    Get on alibaba spend around 100-120 and get a qb288
    Found this Wholesale Meanwell drive dimmable samsung Hlg550 lm561C lm301b v2 quantum board 288 led grow light 120W 240W From m.alibaba.com
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