what water to use?

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  1. i know sink water is not good to use for growing because the ph isnt usually right and that it has chemicals but what about fridge water from a dispenser? is that filtered or should i not use that? i cant use distilled water because i cant buy it so what can i use? do i have to boil the sink water or is there another way to get water and not have to correct it
  2. if u have a purifier connected to ur fridge u can use that water. just adjust the ph and u should have no worries. as for tapwater or "hard water" not the best thing to use for ur ladies becuz of the highly concentrated chlorine. chlorine is not good for ur plants. but if u have no other option just let ur water sit out for 24-48 hrs before watering to allow as much chlorine to evaporate as possible. also i knw certain nutrient lines have specific nutes designed for use with "hard water".

  3. thanks bro i know about the chlorine as for the fridge i have not so sure lol ill just look it up but yea good lookin out bro thanks again
  4. well if u have water comin out of a dispenser in ur fridge its more than likely hooked to a filter. so u should be good to go..goodluck man

  5. thanks cant wait 2 get my outdoor grow started bout 2 use some autoflowers and see what i can do i hope it will turn out good
  6. iv used tap water my whole grown with no problems. i have 4 1gallon jugs. i only use from bottle 1 and i refill bottle 4 =). plenty of time to sit
  7. yea ill try the fridge water tho nd if that dosent work ill use tap water
  8. Tap water is terrible for plants, don't care what anyone says.

    Yeah it'll grow plants.


    I have many succulents, many. I tried experiments with water, tap water, fish tank water, and filtered ion stuff from a machine filter.

    Plants do MUCH better with filtered water.
    Sorry I havent done double blind studies, it's not that important, the proof is in the pudding (succulents).

    So argue all you want, tap water CAN grow plants, don't expect thriving plants.
  9. What about those brita pitchers that filter the water as you pour it in? It's like a replaceable carbon filter ... Would that filter out the chlorine and other crap??
  10. I used a couple britas on my last grow (two plants in soil) and it worked fine. However, even just for the two plants, it was a pain in the ass. I went with water store water this grow.
  11. It's not THAT bad. Though the contents of everyone's tap water varies. Mine worked just fine, in fact it seemed to work better than spring water. Plants actually need Ca and Mg, the carbonates of which make water "hard." Just gotta consider effect on pH. But my tap water now tastes like ass and surely has different/more crap in it than where I used to live. Just remember, don't let it sit at room temp for too long or you'll get smelly bacteria growing in it. Although I wonder if they're good for soil...
  12. hi i know nearly everthings been covered but i just use tap water or water out my aquiruim my tap water is roughly neutral i have a twenty five gallon water butt i fill it too the top lightly screw the cap on and leave her too sit i shake it daily and uncrew the cap everytime the plants were drinking tons they loved it straight tap water aint good though. I feel the chlorine and chloramine release whilst the the water sits as when i open my water keg it always releases loads of gases an air my view is 24 hrs sitting is ok if your struggling too find other methods like me. I looked into r o water (reverse osmosis water) and i hear u need serious water pressure too run them for a start so i just stick with leaving it too sit for now untill i find a better solution i have found in my local pet shop a bottle of fliud that removes chlorine and chloramine from water but its for aquiriums does anyone know if this would work and if it would be safe for a plant? maybe i will try it just too see.:D

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