What water should I use???

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  1. My tap water ph is a little high at 7.2, what would be the best water I can get for my plants?

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  2. Just any old mineral water that is pH to the appropriate levels will be just fine. It doesn't matter if it's bottled or tap or reverse osmosis water

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  3. Which bottled water would you suggest? Cause the bottled water we drink is still at 7

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  4. All water you get Is going to be high in PH when the correct amount of nutes are added it lowers it. . If not use a few drops of PH DOWN - easy
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  5. My tap water is also 7.2 a wise farmer taught me many years ago to put your water in 1 gallon jugs and set outside for a few days and let it bake out all the impurities and then you will need to pH it with up and down and a meter

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  6. That's what I did but it only removes the chlorine.. But yes good tip
  7. Tap water and forget it.
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  8. We've got so much crap in our water where I live that I won't drink it it's supposed to be the second best drinking water in the nation we have these mineral baths here LOL but I have friends that grow and don't even pH with it so unless you see a problem develop from your water I wouldn't worry about it too much

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  9. Problems with tap water is very rare. Chances are if you can drink it without dying then your plants can handle it to. I believe lots of times a new grower will blame other issues on tap water. Then they write off tap, start using filtered or ro and even years down the road still believe tap water was the issue, passing on this information to others. However in reality they just became better growers and spent time and money on something uneccessary. Then there's always the people that just think cannabis is something so special it needs fancy water when actually cannabis will benifit from water that hasn't been stripped of all its beneficial minerals and such.

    Hydro growers sure I see how they need to control every aspect of thier system. However as far as soil goes cannabis isn't much different then lots of other plants and vegetable when it comes to what it needs. You don't see many gardeners running to the store buying filtered water do you? Heck no, most just grab the garden hose. My neighbor would have to clear the shelves at the grocery store every week to take care of her plants and vegetables or have 1 massive home filtration system. Her yard is amazing come warmer months, I guarantee she would grow some amazing weed.....lol maybe she does;)
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  10. Use organic soil and nutes like biobizz you don't have to worry about ph. My water ph goes higher than yours when I use it. Or if not get some ph down.
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  11. Ppm is the issue with tap. Well it can be. Check your local water to see what’s in it. Mines 755ppm it was killing my plants (and my family) when I started growing. When I switched to ro it all got better. But 90% of people can probably use their tap with no issues. Don’t worry about your ph till you add your nutes. The nutrients will change your ph so it doesn’t matter what it is out the tap for the plants. You add your nutes and ph it to 6.4 or so.
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  12. If your using soil ph ing your water is useless. I have growing now for 10 years and never once have i ph my water. Only thing i use is a simple garden hose filter attachment.

    As far as hydro and other soil less grows, i believe those need to ph d
  13. If you did you would see benefits. Many soil growers over the last couple years have made the change to phing and they all say they’ll never go back.
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  14. Well I rarely have an issue since I did. But I have friends that don't and get away with it

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  15. Oh yeah. It’s not required by any means. But it does have positive implications in the grow. And I think if people who went literally years and years and years not phing and then try it and say they will never go back it must be a decent difference.
    Sorry this is way off topic. :(
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  16. Bottom line is that in most cases tap water is "fine" and will get you buds. With a tiny bit of tlc you can make "fine" water great with a $10 pH kit with up/down and ph tester.
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  17. Everyones tap water is different. My well water kills my plants. Its super hard. My container plants anyway. My outside garden does just fine.
    There a few factors to consider when asking if your water is good enough.
    Soil or hydro? Hydro requires precision and sometimes theres too many minerals in tap water. Soil is more forgiving and ill exlpain in the next part
    Organic or synthetic nutes?
    With a quality organic grow the bacteria and such in the soil regulate the ph within the rhizosphere (root zone). Thats why farmers for millennia have never tested their ph. Look at the mighty redwoods, nobody has ever added "nutes" or phd the water they recieve.
    When using synthetic nutes their usually is very little or no microorganisms in your soil. Therefore, no buffer.

    Some say the great american westward expansion was somewhat casued by farmers using non organic nutrients and killing the lands and they had to migrate west. Its pretty interesting.
  18. I usta ph and ppm everything but in soil i learned the ph of the soil is the determining factor. Soil acts as a buffer to bring the water back to the soils ph range. Once you figure out what your soil ph is the water going in doesnt really matter. Not enough soil tho for the amount of the length of the grow could lead to ph issues as the material becomes spent the ph changes as the compounds disappear and you end up with a sorta inert medium in flower youll begin to see deficiency but this can be used in your favor if this becomes the case to kinda hydro feed like coco.

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