What was YOUR first time like?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by orion, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. Hey, i've been smoking for almost a year and i'm just curious as to what some other people's first times were like. here's mine:

    My girlfriend's best friend had just gotten back from arizona (she lives there in the summer with her mom) and we all wanted to hang out. My girlfriend isn't really a "pothead" but she's been smoking longer than i have. (by the way, my girlfriend is Megan and her friend is Mal). well, mal called over her crush and we were trying to figure out what to do. because all mal ever did in arizona was smoke, she thought we should try it. i was never against the idea, but i was never exposed to it before. i figured, what the hell, i might as well try it. so off we go to the gas station to meet with mal's friend, who sold it to her. i was a little uncertain at this point. i thought we were gonna get busted or worse, so i freaked out. then we went back to Megan's house. it was weird, cuz mal's crush, greg, and i had never done this. after the first few hits (and an assload of coughing) we started acting like idiots, laughing at every dumb thing. i didn't think anything was different, but i was just too messd up to realize. finally, at about 4 a.m. megan got a funny feeling and sent us packing. her mom wasn't home for the weekend, but she freaked out. so i left. i realized somethin was goin on when i had trouble driving, but i liked the feeling. after that, i bought a dime off a guy at work and then headed to the local mall for a bowl (yes, the actually sell bowls at our mall. and at more than one store) from then on i've been hooked. well? how about you guys?
  2. my first time was last year, july 3rd. it was one of my friends birthdays, and he's really into smoking. my mom gone was for most the day and the night, so he and 3 other friends came over. (1 guy and 2 girls, all good friends of mine.)

    since a lot of my friends i hung out with smoked a lot, i'd been around weed but had never smoked. my girlfriends didn't hang out with some of the guys i do, so weed was a new thing to them, so none of us had smoked before. we went into my side yard, sat on my trampoline, and toked it up all afternoon and evening. i lived right by a convenience store, so we walked there and bought hella food. the guy there working could tell, and he was hella cool about it, which made the night that much better. we walked back to my house with like, 3 big brown shopping bags full of food and pigged out.

    not an amazingly interesting story, but it was one of my funnest times ever (probably because it was the first) and it was enough to keep me smoking ever since. this year on july 3rd i'm hoping on getting damn high to commemorate the anniversary. i'm glad my first time was such a fun one, i hear about some people who have these horrible experiences their first time. who else has a story about their first time?
  3. My first time was on July 4th of last year! I was at a friends house after a street dance. He was having a party and someone whipped out an ounce. It was some sweet ass nugs but offcourse i had no idea at the time. So people are smoking out in his barn and i head out there. So there I am with like 10 people i dont know toking out of a hugh hookah. Like a 6 person one. So I'm not feeling anything (yeah right) and i start walking into the house. My friend says "hey, you high man?" and i say "No way man." as the last word comes out of my mouth i trip and fall over my own foot. I dont think i got up for like 2 hours. It was pretty funny.
  4. Was at my friend's apartment roof.

    We had haze, but it was PURE BUD. none of that leafy stuff, just the good shit. We paid 20 and we got like a tiny tiny piece of grass wannabe. We were like WTF IS THIS?!?!? but we went anyways

    So there we were on the rooftop and my friend is rolling it (btw he's terrible at it hehe) broke up the purple haze REAL nice. So we made one and started smoking it, and I coughed like a mofo of course.

    We went outside after like 15 minutes and my friend's eyes were pink as hell. I didnt feel anything except my eyes a bit.

    We go out and theres all these lights, my other friend runs around like a lunatic with the huge bag of chips, hoggin all the munchies we had there. not cool haha

    We walked a few more blocks then I feel it...

    I was like... whoa shit guys! M friend asked "you feel your legs?" I was like... OH SHIT I DONT FEEL THEM! IM FLOATING IM FLOATING in public hahaha. after we walked around I was wondering where the hell my feet went, but i kept staring down making sure my feet was there. I just kept saying my feet! my feet! man I'm still floating! they were all like Alright we heard you!

    haha theres my story
  5. siting in my room by my self with all the lights off with the tv on looking down at my feet spijjjjjjning like a mother fucker
  6. I was in my friends house. His mom was home so we just went in his room and stuffed a towel under the door so the smell wouldn't get out. It was awesome, we recorded the whole thing. We started free stylin about everything. We get high everyweekend now. But it's summertime so that might change hee hee hee.
  7. new years last year. My sis was home from college and braught a bag of hydro. She and her boyfriend picked me up with a few friends. We sparked out of a glass changing pipe and domed out the car. I got lucky it was high quality bud so i got nice and toasted my first time. I'd give about anything to be able to feel the effects i felt the first few times everytime i smoke.
  8. My first time smoking I didn't get high...
    But my first time being high I went nuts... I recall running up and down my stairs singing "stayin' Alive" ... yeah, 8 bowls will do that to you (unfortunatly)...
  9. 1989 - I was 13 and in love (yea right, but anyway). A bunch of us were having a wicked beach party, huge bonfire. We were dancing and singing and swimming, and of course, making out.

    Although this was my first pot smoking experience, I've been stoned all my life. Huge pothead dad. So we were smoking and this guy says "lets squeeze the shit out of each other after toking". In effect, you kept the smoke in. The side effects of this? Passing out. You get really high, but you sleep off the first few minutes.

    If you try it, make sure the biggest guy on the block is not doing the squeezing!
  10. My first time was at my friends house. After smoken for a lil while his mom came up and started pounding on the door screaming that people were coming over too look at the house (he was moving in a month or so). After she came in me and my friend were spraying febreeze through his room for a while, then we ran out of his house when his mom turned her back and went to the next neighborhood over.
  11. My first time was last saturday (06-15-02), and I got totally blown cuz I smoked flame weed and i have a little more than a dime(i split it with my friend.) I thought since it was my first time, I wouldn't get high, but damn i was stoned, I had about 15hits, 3off a really fat joint but then it broke so we used a one-hitter and I had about 12 from that. First thing that happend was I got chink eye and then my mouth got completely dry and saliva-less and everything became slow, like one minute literally felt like an hour. I felt a relaxation feeling through my whole body and everything felt like a dream, if is the whole day I was dreaming, and everytime after somthign happend, I wasn't sure if it really did happend or not because it felt like I was dreaming, and I was inbetween the dreaming world and consiousness. And there was a monent or parania in my high, which was that I just realized I was high and I got uncomfortable and wanted it to end or go away, but then the next minute I was back to feeling good and without a care in the world. And my high lasted from 2:30-3:00pm-ish to 9:00pm-ish, which was wierd because I thought it wouldnt last more than four hour, but I guess it was like that because I smoked the strong weed and I had a lot of hits. I sleep so good that night and when I woke up I still had this good feeling sensation in my body.
  12. My first time was in 2000, i went over to a friends house and he had about four sticks on him, so i askerd him to roll me a joint, and he did. So i told him it was my first time and he said to take it easy, but i murdered that fucking spliff. Afterwards i was walking back and i felt like my eyes had shrunk, it wasn't a great high, but i giggled at everything and everything. I've been tokin up ever since
  13. Well my first time getting high was really weird. I was sitting at my desk in my room. when i was done i had to get to my bed. well this was the hardest thing in the world that i've ever done. My legs didn't want to work. So as I'm yelling at my legs to move they're not listening. i had to pick each one of them up and move them myself. it took me 5 minutes to get 10 feet. once i got to my bed i went to sleep when i didn't need to think about breathing anymore. that was my first and best experience. ever.
  14. My first time getting high I don't remember much of, STML. But I do remember my first time smoking out of a BONG, I had no idea how they worked, and it was a HUGE 6' bong, with this super light neon green bud, which someone lit for me, and I sucked and sucked... and coughed and coughed.. and my vision got fuzzy, with the little dots in my eyes, and it took me what seemed like 20 hours to walk to the party across the parking lot :D
  15. My fisrt toke was on new years eve last year.At the time one of my friends was the night shift cook at this restaraunt so we would drink there all night.I had always said no to my friends when the tried to get me to smoke with 'em.So i had beed drinking Bacardi 151 for like three hours with some jack every now and then.So we were leaving and one of my friends had an oz. of drothey decided to smoke behinde a dumpster and when theyasked me i just stared at them i took it and hit it a couple times.i was so fucked up i wound up at the beack drunk and high for three hours<<<<three hours i don't remember.it's shoddy story for i was really f'ed up
  16. my first time was w/ my friend in a van before we went to watch movies. It was him, his friend, and my boyfriend and me. It was December of 1999. ah, the memories lol
  17. My first time I smoked it was down by a retention pond behind a KOHLs clothing store with my best friend Justin. I was really nervous about smoking it wrong or something, so I took second-hand hits by us linking our hands together. The second bowl though I had the guts to take the hits myself. Walking back to his house from the mall I can remember when it hit me. I was just like, "whoa, yeah, whoa, I'm stoned!" The rest of the night we chilled, I remember how liberated and relaxed I felt. Sometimes I really wish I could go back to the way things were.
  18. my first time SMOKING was at toys'r'us when i was supposed to be working. lol. me and my friend justin took a 5-min. break and smoked a bowl beside the truck. it wasn't a lot, but i got a little buzzed from it. later on this lady asked me to get something for her from off the top shelf. so i'm standing on the joint that sticks up above the top rung on a 12 foot ladder (tip-toed on 1 foot), and the only thing running through my mind is "i really hope i don't fall" lol.

    my first time getting STONED was entirely different. me and 2 of my friends started the session by baking out the one's car. so we smoked like 2 dimes of skunk on the way home from school. then i got home and we smoked about 5 more dimes, and i took some LSD... i was just trashed, lol. the friend who drove dropped us off, and me and my other friend went to a christmas party at my old youthgroup. we ate almost a whole plate of fudge, about 1/2 of the biggest bowl of doritos i've ever seen, and we drank probably about a gallon of kool-aid a piece. AWESOME TIME! lol
  19. My first time was with my cousin when i was 10 or 11 (wayyyyyyyy back when). He came over and smoked one fatty ass joint (probably mexican brick weed), but i don't remember getting very high. All I do remember is wanting a cigarette and that he took $5 from me before he left. After that I didn't really smoke alot, but did occasionally. Then when I got into 7th grade I began to see it as common thing, getting high more often and enjoying it more and more!!

  20. one of my first times was with a few friends who were more experienced, there was absolutley no place to do it..so we ended up in this fucking asphalt drainage ditch in 106 degree heat with no shade... the plan was to move to shade, but after we were done i knew that if i tried travel over the rocky terrain i would fall on my head and end up tumbling into the side of a synagoge (?) that was next to us. so i was stranded on that frying pan and got an insane sunburn. fortunately my other friend found the energy to chase an ice cream truck for 3 blocks and brought back some great ice cream. i learned the important lesson to think ahead.

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