What Was Your First Time Like?

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  1. I was going put this on yahoo answers, but there isn't really anyone there so I thought I'd make an account here! 
    I did it for the first time a few weeks ago, haven't done it since (i don't think i'll do it again soon).  I don't know if it was because I've never done it before, or I just did a lot (I vaporized two buds over about an hour, I'm not how much that is) or maybe it was laced with something else. When I'm around people that I know are high on weed they seem perfectly normal, but I was in my own reality...
    Anyways there was like two sides of me, a "normal me" that I wasn't really aware of or in control of, and a compelte stoned out of my mind me where it felt like every 5 seconds had been hours.  I would walk to my kitchen from across the house, which should only take about 5 seconds probably, but it was like half way down the hall way I would just stop and stare blank at the ground, having a very intense day dream. It felt like it went on for hours but probably only lasted a second or two.  I would 'wake up' and then continue walking towards the kitchen, and then by the time i got there I had another intense day dream.  It felt like what happened 5 seconds ago was days ago, i would be talking to someone on facebook, go to the kitchen again for something to eat, then by the time I got back it felt like years had passed, but when I look at the facebook message it had only been about a minute or two.  
    I was completely out of it, or so I thought, I was having deep thinking sessions about random stupid things, for example the only one i remember was what it would be like if my house was made of pillows.  Then a second later (but it felt like hours) I would be thinking deeply about something else, probably just as stupid. All that would be happening but at the same time I was unknowingly talking to my mother, hiding it pretty well it seemed, and getting stuff done.  I remember I had to bring the groceries in from the car to the house, and I would walk outside to get a load of groceries, and by the time I got to the car I would be completely lost and not know how I got there, then I would have about probably 3 seconds of conscienceness then I would have another deep daydream type thing, then i would wake up again wondering how I got there.
    I don't know how I just typed all that about something so pointless, I'm just wondering what your first time was like.  

  2. for my first time, i was in my back yard with my friend and we were smoking bowls like all day long just chillin, tanning and shiit. and i could not get high, like i didnt feel anything. finally it was like 10pm and we were gonna smoke the last bowl of the night to see if anything happened. and i got sooo fucking high it was rediculous, it was like all the bowls from earleir in the day had all hit me at the same time. i started laughing uncotrollably at the littlest things, had like a 30min straight attack of just laughing. then i passed out. woke up the next morning and realized id met the love of my life. Ms. Mary Jane. and we've been together ever since <3
  3. for my first time, the girls too, i put up a tent in the woods by my house. made a nice bed inside, got a nice fire going and we sat by the fire and then took her inside the tent and i fucked her for about a min :) got my nut tho hahahahaha
  4. I legitimately thought I could fly because the stuff I smoked made me feel like a cloud and that I would just float away. I actually started trying to levitate. After 2 minutes of nothing happening I smoked another bowl and greened out. Good thing I learned my tolerance early.   
  5. I was in my car at a baseball field alone.  There were two people there.  I figured they knew it was my first time smoking weed and were like "Oh it's his first time leave him alone."  I wasn't even paranoid though.  I remember I put the bud through the hole because I didn't realize and then sucked the flame down.  I remember playing around with the flame for like 10 minutes not knowing what was going on.  Then I looked up and I was like "Yup it worked.  I'm high."  But I wasn't really that high.  I drove home and ate everything in the kitchen but the high only lasted like an hour.  Good times.
  6. It was freakin transcendental Paul Mccartney. my sister rolled a joint and we smoked in her friends car in driveway. it was like 8:30 pm so it was getting darker, i hit it really hard when my sister and her friends kept chanting "HIT IT" i told them i couldnt breathe. and we went to the back porch and i spent about 15 minutes watching ants.
  7. I overdosed and was in a coma

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    I was with this fat-ass who I used to be friends with (And who used to charge me half a gram each time he helped me get a gram), and he rolled me two crappy, floppy jays, smoked em in a local park, didnt feel anything for like an hour so i started to worry. When we got back into his car, I was out of it haha I kept telling him to drive me to different places to try different foods. Oh my god haha we went into this mall and I looked back at him and in my mind im just like "holy shit, the fat guy's gonna eat me" lol I actually believed myself for a sec. Anyway, I ended up running away from him through crowds of people staring at me haha, also I felt extremely light headed, and felt that I could move my body in any way with ease. 
  9. Pretty fuckin amazing. I was in 7th or 8th grade hanging out in the woods with a friend i knew from elementary school. we smoked with this chick, chilled for awhile then smoked some more and went to a different friends house to play paintball. i was on some elite marine type shit sneaking around. ended up sneaking up behind the other team and slaughtering them bwhahahaha
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    i was a junior in high school, 16 at the time. was picking up unmentionables and my dealer asked if i wanted to smoke.
    he showed me how to use a bong.
    didn't really get high until the second time i smoked though.
  11. My first time... I remember having a space cake baked by my girlfriend (who was just my friend back then) and sitting around with her and two friends who were a couple, really comfortable on my beanbag for a bit, appreciating Pink Floyd (yes, it's very stereotypical, but it's what we did). 
    Then the couple went into my bathroom for about half an hour to have sex... yeah, that was weird... in my bathroom... :\\
    Anyway, then my not-then-girlfriend and I sat around, appreciating music, pocky and how amazing things felt.  It was a very typical.
  12. Never inject the marijuanas
  13. my first time smoking was when my friend (freshman yr) took his moms van, with out a license or permit and came and picked me and my other friend up.  they had both smoked before but i turned it down once before this. so were parked outside a Mcdonalds and they pack a small bowl in a glass spoon. so were hotboxing the car, my first few hits i didnt feel anything but then i took a few more hits and started to feel great.  everything was funny and kinda slow haha. we then went into Mcdonalds and i ate like 20 nuggets and fries and i think a milkshake. this was freshman yr we were like 14 or 15 my friend had never driven before and now hes driving his moms van, totally stoned.  it was funny and a great time but looking back now years later it wasnt very smart that we took his mom car and hotboxed it haha but we were just kids at the time :bongin:  ive been smoking ever since
  14. my first time i was in my brothers room, this wasnt the first time i smoked, the first time i got high. he bought a dub worth of bud, had the dealer roll it up cause we both didn't know how to roll at the time. we got maybe half way through the blunt and my brother said i could kill the rest. all i remember is taking super strong puffs and holding it in till i couldn't. 5 min later when it was done, i remember just starring off   thinking this was a dream and i could do anything, including dieing and i would just wake up, i then soon realized that i thought reality was a dream and went into a panic attack and thought i would do something stupid and kill myself so i had my other brother lock me in my room and made sure i didn't leave the room. laying in my bed i started playing with my dick and started humping the pillow because everything just felt soooo good lol. i was 12 at the time, ever since that experience i stopped and said ill never smoke again, and thought how could people enjoy this? tried it again 2 years later and loved it ever since 

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