What was your first time getting high like? and my story.

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  1. One of my favorite stories to hear from stoners is their first time getting high. My first time wasn't special or funny, but what happened was, I stole weed that was in a roach off my older brothers floor. I made a foil pipe and got like 4 hits off it. I didn't get high at all. But then a year later passes and i've heard people talking about scraping resin out of their pipes and bongs and smoking it to get high. So my other older brother comes over one day and he lost his little metal pipe and I stole it and scraped it. I got a shit ton of resin out of it and then I smoked some of that stuff (which was gross as fuck), but nothing happened. A few days later, I tried it again, and then I tried to wait for some action to happen. 5 minutes go by and my eyes start to feel a very slight burning sensation to them. I wait 5 more minutes, and I don't feel anything else. Then 10 more minutes go by, and I still don't feel anything. And then even more time passes and i'm like "fuck this shit, it doesn't work" and then I went in my living room to watch TV and just go on with normal life. My brother was in there watching TV too and he kept looking at me, and like a minute later he was like "dude, you're high as hell" because my eyes were so red. And then for some reason I stand up and it somehow kicked in out of no where. My mom was in the kitchen, and when he told me that i'm high it sounded like he shouted it to me. Then I start laughing so hard for no reason, and I thought I was gonna get in huge trouble because it sounded like he shouted it. So I decide to go in my room, which was upstairs, and everything was bright and in slow motion, and it felt like my vision was turning and stuff. I was obviously extremely high, so walking up some stairs was a huge challenge for me. I fell once, but I luckily still made it to my room and enjoyed the rest of it. And then that was pretty much it. I also luckily didn't get in trouble.

    But please share your stories, especially if they're funny. 


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