What was your first job?

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  1. What was your first job and how old where you when you got it?
    Ive been working at a car recycling company since i was 14. i.e a junkyard
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    Never had a real job, not for lack of trying, lol
  3. From 15-19 I was a butcher in the local meat market, good experiences and learned a lot in the process. Then I worked at a hockey shop sharpening skates, while working all those jobs I also delivered pizza for Papa Johns & Pizza Hut make some mad tips to pad the pocket. Now I run a group home.

    I did work at Taco Johns for 2 terrible days.
  4. Well I played football I high school, but when I wasn't playing foot I was working for a private golf course, grab carts for people and shit, real easy job good money, boss is a douche though yelled at me in front of the Members and shit
  5. dishwasher at a diner
  6. infantryman in the US army. 20 years old. first, best, and only job ive had or will have. Thanks Uncle Sam. =)
  7. Receptionist at a dentist office and I was 15 lol.
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    Worked in my dad's law firm at the age of 17 ;)
    got payed like a mafucka and then college came :(
    Once i'm done though i have everything set.
  9. Small business owner/entrepreneur at 16. Did computer repair/business consultation with electronics, etc. Didn't have capital, so it faded out, though.
  10. I worked at Chuck e cheese from 16 to 19. Best job ever. Went in a sweet kid, came out corrupt. Go figure
  11. chuck e cheese corrupted you? please do elaborate.
  12. dishwasher at age 15-18....worked for my best friends family, was probably my favorite job ever
  13. Lol only reason I went to work there's is because I was a huge nerd with few friends and I figured anyone working at that establishment would be more like me. That was incorrect. Most of the kids were under 18 and drank and smoked. Curiosiy killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back. Needless to say getting drunk in the parking lot after work and playing wall ball off the building was a great way to spend summers.
  14. neighborhood dope dealer
  15. My first job was at a neon shop. I pumped the neon and argon gases into the neon signs, and then activated the electrodes by basically heating the sign up til the point of paper combustion (we would put a piece of paper around the sign, and whenever it started smoking and the paper turned dark black, then you know it's hot enough).
    I also had to weld bubbles onto the signs and put mercury in it (that shits cool lol).
    I think I was 15 when I worked there. My dad made the signs (bender) and I pumped them.
  16. I tried getting a job at chuck e cheese, but i guess i wasnt the chosen one cause
    they straight dissed me
  17. shipping clerk in a warehouse. I could've got hooked up with 50% off any Alpine car audio stuff but I didn't have my own car at the time so I never got anything. :mad:
  18. slangin that green nah mean *****? workin on your own budget bby

  19. Ssshhhiiiiieeet
  20. [​IMG]

    My first job: Manny :eek: when I was 16

    Manny- (<mah- n ee) definition- A nanny with a penis.

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