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What was your best deal?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Moemedical, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. What was the best deal you have ever gotten from a dealer or dispensary? No lying. There's so many places, strains, and qualities I feel like there could be a lot of ridiculous answers.

    Before the laws changed in Washington, I got a half ounce for 20$ from a dispensary of some quality bud. It was the bottom of the jar they were just trying to clear the space for new stuff. (By the way that was always a good tactic imo, get the stuff that's almost out cause they just might throw it all at you to make space for fresh bud). I also had a buddy with me that got like 17 or 18 grams for like 30$. Top of the shelf, bottom of the jar. I doubt it was the best deal in the entire world.
    So what's the best deal you've ever gotten?
  2. One of friends who sells weed did me 12 grams for £30 before because he got it cheap himself.. The person I buy from now does me 4-10gs for £25 depending how much he pays himself
  3. A quarter of some seriously trippy Chem-Dawg up in coarse gold California. 35$.
    Pretty sure the dude grew it himself, I still have his card for whenever I'm back in the area

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