*What was your best achievement of 2012?*

Discussion in 'General' started by Virtue 7, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I'd say, mine was coming to a certain personal/spiritual resolution. This summer, I really realized how much I was in control of my life.. and not only that, but I realized that I NEEDED to take control of my life. This control brought a few things into my life.; new job opportunities, new friends, new health sources, and an overall, very positive situations and a life lesson, I feel, I passed.

    So what about you? What has this year revealed to you?
  2. Staying alive.
  3. A little broad! But for sure a good thing :)
  4. got the title to my car, smoked sooo much, had a great summer, kept out of trouble, had three good grows
  5. I never hopelessly fail in anything I done. I failed at a few things but not hopelessly.
  6. Went 6 months without drinking in the bginning of the year.

    Unfortunately I began drinking again in august.

    I am trying to quit again now. Gone 7 days... gonna shoot for at least 6 months again.
  7. smoked a pound of weed..and DIDN'T fail my first semester in college!
  8. Graduating a trade school
  9. Personal epiphanies and realizations about how i should live and what i was doing wrong.

    taking steps towards achieving true happiness

    landing one hell of a girl :)
  10. After a 6 months finally getting a fucking flat stomach!
  11. wow, this thread made me feel like shit.
    i guess just all the people who I know truly appreciated something that I did for them.
    Who am I? Who will I be? Irrelevant, I can only gain joy from spreading joy.

  12. Meh... pics or I call bullshit...

  13. Umm... being there for my nephews on their birthdays? Haven't really done much else. FML.
  14. Finding this website

    I'm a sad person :(
  15. [​IMG]

    Still call bullshit? lmfao
  16. [quote name='"Sewiinxo"']

    Still call bullshit? lmfao[/quote]

    Lol youre trying to be a girl to get rep...
  17. Well done!

    I still dont believe though.. more pics or I call bullshit.


  18. whats rep. Everytime I join a new site or someshit I always get called a man for the first week lmfao
  19. PM, friends :)

    Let's get this back on track!

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