What was your approach?

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  1. So when the time came to try to convince your parents that you should be able to smoke marijuana freely, what was your approach?

    My strategy was economics.

    After the few times I came home from parties, red eyed, with the sweet smell spreading throughout the house radiating from my clothes, the parents struck up the conversation all youthful stoners know is inevitable.

    I made sure I stayed calm and simply asked my parents.

    Do you guys know anything that will keep me entertained, as well as increase my appetite, induce sleep, reduce soreness, and generally make everything better, for a few hours that I can buy in bulk at a substantial discount, and pass along to my friends when money is tight?

    It did nothing to change their mind, however, they did admit it was a well delivered retort.
  2. my parents found out i was smoking when i was 13 or 14 and i made it ok with them by the time i was 15....well im not exactly sure if they was ok with it or just started ignoring it....i started by leaving a bowl or two on my computer desk then i started drawing pictures of pot leafs and and put a couple on my door and it was rough for the first half year or so then they just started getting more laid back about it....i tried talking to them about it and all they kept telling me was they werent going to tell me i can do it......then i started just telling them everything...that i grew pot in my room grew it in the attic and the attic of my barn and they realized how normal it was for me and they realized that it wasnt actually that big of a deal....now they know...wont smoke with me....and i wont smoke infront of them....we just kind of avoid it
  3. I remember the first time my pops (a former Sheriff so obviously the less tolerant of the two) dropped in to visit me after I moved out and I opened the door with a blunt of 'Wreck in my mouth.

    I have to admit it was an awesome feeling of empowerment, yet I still put it out for later in respect.
  4. my mother used to toke, and had a big drug problem during the early 90's(coke), so she is fine with me smoking weed outside the house, and taking psychedellics in right circumstances.
  5. Lots and lots of positive AND negative research...she realized which one held more validity, and now doesn't care about me smoking as long as I respect her and keep the smell away haha.
  6. hey OP your signature is wrong

    it goes "200 for a pint got a dub get a O" as in dub=20 dollars O as in oz, get a fluid oz of promethazine/codeine syrup for 20 dollars

    but anyway.. when i tried to convince my dad that weed wasnt this horrible drug equivalent with crack and heroin, i printed out some pages off the internet that illustrated all the truth's and myths about weed... but somewhere in those 3 or 4 pages the name sharon tate popped up (one of charles manson's victims) and he discredited the whole thing.... fuck knows what sharon tate has anything to do with the validity of the facts on that website (it was actually a link that was posted on GC way back when when i first started smokin)

    but nowadays my dad is alright with me smokin weed, but thats solely cuz he'd much rather me smokin weed than shootin dope
  7. My parents just found out i guess. I never smoked in their house, out of respect, but i assume they knew. I still hide it around my mom out of respect even though she knows and i'm a grandfather now with my own kids and thier kids.

    Why do you feel is necessary to even tell your folks? Do you need their approval?
  8. My parents didn't really care. They were more concerned about me going out, drinking spirits, popping pills and stuff...think they didn't mind me sitting home getting stoned all evening and eating chocolate so much :)

    I never smoked tobacco then anyway, so it wasn't a major health issue or anything.
  9. My parents were pretty against it when I was younger. They actually thought I quit for around 6 years or so, then I presented them with a ton of research in written form and they kind of accepted it. I'm a mature 24 year old though - there's not much they really can say. It's not like I'm an addict or it's affected who I am as a person.
  10. I was like, "Hey, you guys do it"

    And they were like, "Good point"
  11. I wish I could sit back and enjoy a toke with my parents =D
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    medicinal fact.

    after being caught stoned sometime during freshman year, i tried convincing my legitimacy.

    i started off with the basic, no cancer, no side effects (if you use a vape), no addiction, no a-motivated syndrome, no gateway effect, ect.

    then i said how it is legal for medicinal purposes, for disease i have in 13 states (i have ICP, OCD, RLS, and panic syndrome). and how if i was in CA or CO i could be legally prescribed i healthy natural medicine. and how its bullshit i should suffer because i dont live in CA, ect.

    then they gave me shit like if you did illegally self medicate you would be at risk of losing your job, at risk of fine for possession, what about when you have to drive or go to school, ect.

    so they basically said yes you make a good point but not under my roof will i give consent for you to be breaking the law.

    yet they give consent for underage drinking.:rolleyes:. o well ill just pop xanax till i go to college if that makes them happier.
  13. The dreaded juggalo disease
  14. Insane Clown Posse?
  15. Yea, thats pretty much what my kids say.
  16. I know. Changed it because who wants only a O of codeine.

    You get that WHOLE pint. :hello:
  17. heh heh
  18. My mom buys me Visine.
  19. I don't know

    my mom used to be dumb about me smoking,
    but once I got her approval it kind of wasn't worth it.

    she'd nag and kind of use it as leverage in arguments and would use that as a source of everything whenever she was mad,

    basically to her I've "stopped smoking" and I get to enjoy grass peacefully like it was meant to be. :smoke:
  20. I didn't have to. In fact if anything, they reassured me that I wasn't doing wrong or bad for me by telling me just to use it responsibly (not drive high, don't smoke in public, take care of priorities first). That was a pretty fucking relieving discussion.

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