what was the wierdest thing to ever happen while u smoke

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Chronic420, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. the wierdest thing to ever happen to me when i was smoking was it was night time me and my friend were smoking on a boat in the lake in his back yard and everything turned real bright like it was day time and i saw everything that was on the lake it was really wierd but it never happend again
  2. when me and my cuzin smoke sometimes we stare at each other for a long time and we see a different person...
  3. we some friends and i were blazing on my beach and drinking beers...when a coast guard helicopter came up over the hills and stationed its spot light right on us.....we tryed to moon the copter but it dissapered to fast....
    they're were also two police boats whippen round the sound too....we were just chillen w/ our fire.... relaxin an gettin bent...apprently they're was a stranded boat out in the water somewhere.... we just happened to be there for the action....a good 2 1/1 hours of free entertainment while gettin loaded... :)
  4. One of my friends turned into a demon. She kinda flickered back and forth between regular and demon form for a couple minutes and kinda freaked me out.
  5. We were all on shrooms once and four guys in suits came up asking us all sorts of questions. Turned out there had been break ins that night (done by guys we knew and had talked to that evening) and we fit the description. We had pot and shrooms all over the kitchen but either they didn't notice or didn't care. Pretty scary until we found out what they wanted.
  6. I was murdered , but then I came back to life

  7. Sounds like you partied with aliens and then they erased it out of your memory!! That would be cool!

  8. Hahah.. me and a friend did that one time, it started of when my friend looked at me and said that he saw how i would look when i get old. I started staring at him and saw how he looked at the age of 50 ;P trippy shit...
  9. Stared at myself in the mirror watching my face change from animal to human to animal to human...very trippy...realized what a thin veil of humanity we all wear, how little it is that makes us "human"...
  10. Well the first time i smoked, it was really wierd
    I got HIGH?!
    Smoke it before the dog finds it!!

  11. see? see?

    ganja... the wonder medicine.
    heals all. :D
  12. Well I've never seen shit like that (unless you talk about other drugs...) from smoking weed, but funny shit does happen all the time if we're smoking a bunch.

    One time we went and parked at this spot a little ways off this road since it's close but somewhere where we can sit and smoke. It was night time and we seen what looked to me to be a boat (cause of the lights), and there are big ore boats around that spot in the water. Except we weren't close to the water, and it kept moving. it was so fucked up and we were so damn high we just got outta there cause we couldn't comprehend what it was. scary as hell

    A bunch of times we would be at this church parking lot sitting in the car, cause we had just gone for a massive BR likely and had nothing else to do. Once this car came in, parked like one spot away from us (one of our empty cars separated us), people ran around and met up with some one. Then they leave and turn around like 3 fucking times. We were freaked out. It was at night. Then I don't remember if it was the same time but it was similar and the car leaves, then stops in the middle of the road, backs up, turns around, all this fucking weird shit. It was weird as hell. We were scared it was cops or something.


  14. Hm.. interesting.
    I once died, went to "hell", and came back.
  15. i went to a "secret spot" with some buddies one time cuz i knew noone would come down there and bug us, and my buddy was getting all heated out for some reason.

    anyways we are toking, and all the sudden some guy comes on his bike and starts feeding some cat. but it was cool. a few mins later like 7 kids come down. they just hung out so it was fine too. then this car came down and parked, and dropped off like 3 people. then another car came. both cars left with some people. some people walked off. the dude on the bike left.

    i soon decided this place wasnt as "secret" as i thought... hahah

    i also saw 3 orange glowing balls, about the size of a basketball, about 50 feet in the air, in a triangle formation, flying around trading places and moving through the sky in the same triangle pattern. i pointed and yelled "what the fuck is that!?" my friend looks over and says "HOLY SHIT!!"

    we both saw the exact same thing. it was nuts. they looked like a street lamp at night. just orange and glowing, about the same size. they flew behind a street lamp so the light kind of blurred my view, and then they shot off into the night.. it was the day after i saw "Signs" aswell, so i thought that was creepy.
  16. Some street lights turned into a giant rainbow bridge and flew over my head. Here's a (very) quick pic I made in photoshop:

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  17. One night me and my boys were walking around the apartment complex to find a spot to toke. We found a bench and smoked up. We then sat there looking at the stars- then holy fuck! Out of no where, a shooting star flys from one horizan to the next, it was devastating. It was one of the most amazing and tragic times of my pot head life. After seeing that, one of my friends-or all of us thought there some cops pulling up to the bench, so I threw my bowl 100 ft away from us and into the snow. Fuck-but nonetheless, it was truely remarkable.
  18. Me and my friend hallucinating people when walking home at night after some strong skunk. I saw this road sign turn into the grim reaper who turned to look at me, i just said 'shiiiitttttt holy shit' scared me so much.
  19. One time I went blind for a few minutes after smoking. I got REALLY light headed too. It was from a mix of allergy medicine and weed though. stay away from the combo!!
  20. Ill never forget when I tripped hard
    We were at a mates smoking and drinking I was blind drunk
    I was sitting in his room having a great time when I started to fell very faint and light headed.
    so I got up to walk outside and get some fresh air. I took about 4 or 5 steps into the kitchen where the back door was.
    and i was getting very disy at this time and my legs started to wobble and i just lost them compleatly I had to drag myslef outside where i fell down the back stairs and I must have fainted or somthing cuz I was dreaming it was a cool dream I was driving in a convertable aruond a cliff and I dont even drive. Then I came too and I was just laying there I sat there for about 20min knowone even came out to see if I was alright. So I got up and went back inside and they all told me that I said I was going for a drive.

    It was all very strange.

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