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What was the quality/availability of marijuana in the 1960s, 70s and 80s?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jkrane, May 26, 2006.

  1. I have a few questions for the older potheads or anyone who knows this info.

    How much smoked marijuana did it take (on average) to get high?

    Were there buds back then, or did weed look like dried shredded leaves with seeds and stems?

    When did indoor growing become big?

    How much did weed cost back then?

    Was weed as easy to get back then as it is today?

    sorry to ask so many questions, I'm just reeeeeeeeeally curious.
  2. I'm not THAT old.
  3. From speaking with a friend's dad who was alive and kickin in the 70s, it was much cheaper back then. Quality was about the same from what he said, just different dank strains commonly available. Weed is weed man, the plant hasn't changed-there were definately buds back then. People have known how to grow excellent cannabis for centuries, or possibly even millenia.
  4. Dude, thats such a vague question to ask. The overal quality of marijuana for a 20 year period! I dont know how someone could answer this...
  5. That's what I'm talking about. I think the notion that todays marijuana is more potent is just propaganda-laden bullshit fed to us by MR Henry J Anslinger and his assholes at the DEA.
  6. I think today, with the growth of the internet and such, its just easier to find out how to grow good quality buds. Less trial/error. Regardless, the weed scene wasn't a whole lot different "back in the day" than today from what I understand.
  7. well i watched a documnetary called "GRASS" and it seemed the quality was stress/mids nothing amazing at all. Really bongs werent a big thing, joints and homemade steamrollers were seen a whole lot though, really didnt see anyone smoking with glass. dont know about price. I also watched a show on discovery channel and they say Marijuana is 20x more potent then it was in the 60's. so thats all I got for knowledge
  8. well if GUYFROmTHE70s was here is copudl :DLASDG
  9. I was a teenager in the 70's. I could get a fat oz for 40 bucks. The quality was good then too. I do think some of the new hybred strains are better today.
  10. i think the DANKEST of the dank would be danker today than the dankest of the dank were dank back in the day. lol thats a lot of usage of the word dank. but i believe it would be because of the newer systems and more knowledge. remember, time & practice make perfect.
  11. guyfrom70s we need your knowlage come back!!!
  12. I'm only 20, so I'm not an expert, but I once heard from someone a dime bag used to cost a dime... but do you know how much condoms cost?
  13. A dime bag was 10 bucks...a nickle bag was 5 bucks. a dime bag was 1/4 oz. Miss that Purple Haze.
  14. I read a book called "Hippie" which covered the years 1965 - 1971, year by year. In the 1966 chapter, it said a dime bag was 10 Dollars and a nickel bag was 5, a dime bag was 1 oz and nickel was a half oz. It said a pound usually went from 50-80. That seems TO CHEAP to believe, but i saw a picture and the weed looked really shitty.
  15. Yeah our weed nowadays is most likely better, but I bet that some mother of god strain was around like hundreds of years ago.
  16. Tbika are you talking about that brown brick?
  17. you heard that from willie nelson from half baked.
  18. ^^.....we never used them... rofl i love that movie
  19. im only 19, but i imagine the prices were much better and availibility much higher.
  20. There definatly was a lot of middies going around in the day. You could definatly get some kind nugs especially from places like cali although i am sure some of our strains today have become more potent. Nothin wrong with that though hehehe : ). Thats just what i have heard.

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