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What was the most crazy experience you’ve had while high?

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by POTteryClass, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Well this one isn’t technically crazy, but it’s pretty damn funny looking back at it.

    I was 15 on PAT ( Pre-Trial supervision for juveniles) and I always had to be with a parent, since my dad was always working, I was with my mom. Now my mom is a character, she’s the most loving, caring, and understanding person I know. I’d go as far to say that she’s literally my best friend. One time she went to go to her friends house to see if she could score some Oxys to sell off, and I met her friend Caleb. Now this guy is a Stoner by heart as he says, and I will never forget him. He wanted to celebrate me getting out of jail, and he rolled a 4K packed to the brim. We smoked on his front porch and he had this recliner (really white trash right? Lol.) He basically left the blunt to myself, and me spending most of my time smoking out of homemade one jitters and bongs, I was never one to smoke blunts or joints or anything that involves smoking a lot at one time. Now after about 5 minutes it was just a huge ass rush of just “wow, I’m pretty high aren’t I” and he only took a few hits. I had the whole blunt to myself and it was pretty great. His house was really close to a whataburger (shout out to people who know what it is) and me and him walked there. My mom drove cause she just isn’t one for walking ig, but while we were waiting inside, we were standing in line for like 10 minutes cause we had to wait for the Friday night drunk people to go and get their patty melt. I started to close my eyes, and mellow out, I was about to fall asleep, and next thing I know I bang my head on some dudes tray and I open my eyes to feel a honey butter chicken sandwich under my head, as I was falling down I guess he was walking past me and I ruined his late night dinner. Looking back I felt bad, but that was one of the best memories I’ve had of smoking with people.

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  2. Back about 20 years ago, I was working at Cracker Barrel in Evansville washing dishes at night. We'd part like rock stars all night.
    I was off or quit (don't remember) and two buddies showed up after work with this monster joint about half smoked. Sat there for a while, and the whole time I'm smoking away on this hooter.
    I was hearing this song. Low volume like it was the neighbor behind me. I'd never heard it before. I asked what song it was. They didn't hear it. I went outside to see if I could hear it better, but it was gone. Song must've been over, right? Ok. So I went back inside to get ready to go.
    I sat down to put on my shoes, and I heard it again. I asked them again if the could hear it. No. I turned around, and the only thing on the window sill was an aloe plant. That was some really good weed.
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  3. One time I smoked too much hydro and I felt like the world was shifting, sinking and blasting me in the face. It was so intense that I got paranoid and freaked.

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