What Was The Last Game You Played?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Pickle McSmurf, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. Dark souls 3 I've beaten it couple of times but it is so addicting.IMO Dark Souls 1 was harder tho.
  2. PUBG, Got a good few chicken dinners :)
  3. Just got a PSVR and played some of the mini games and about 40 minutes of the Batman Arkham VR game so far, the thing is pretty damn cool. There was one mini game that the second I started moving in the game I felt like I was going to fall over, so going to have to test certain games out to see how I feel with them...Wanted to get the Doom VR game, but apparently the motion sickness on that game is terrible but we will see
  4. GTA 5 mothafuckers
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    Kingdom Come Deliverance, game is super hard but really good so far, it's pretty random. I looked like a hobo with shitty gear for like 7 hours then im walking down this random path and I see an abandoned camp with a chest that had like 15000 worth of armor and weapons so im all pimped out now. Except your armor rusts and clothes get dirty and full of holes it drives me nuts!

    Also my desktop would not run this game at all...first big sign that I need to upgrade, at the very least my processor and graphics card. But the silver lining, around 2 years ago I spent like 2.5k on an alienware laptop that ran shitty from day one, would take 10+ minutes to load windows and performed like garbage when gaming. So disappointed with my shit waste of 2.5k the laptop has been a drink coaster or hiding in my closet since I bought it. But I had a hunch that it was just a shitty or even faulty hard drive that was bottlenecking everything when I got desperate to play this game I just bought. And the laptop does have an i7 6700 with a geforce 970m, and 32 gigs of ram lol. Took the hard drive out, replaced it with the SSD from my tower, booted up scanned for hardware changes and bam i'm playing this game at a solid 40-60fps on medium settings!

    This part of the game was fucked up...hah

  6. Solitaire lol
  7. Shit... Honestly cant remember.. Think it was Forza on xbox, and on the phone it was prob this pigment coloring thing, usually like puzzle games for the phone
  8. Heavy Rain on PS3
  9. Rocket league on Xbox one. All time fave, on both PC and Xbox ;)

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  10. playing the first UFC game online rn

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