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What was the first Dank strain you smoked?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WhiteBoyFaded, Jan 8, 2013.

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    I think the very first dank ass strain I smoked was Blue Dream. It was mostly Sativa so my head was full of crazy thoughts, and I was so surprised how much better it was than mids and reggie. What about you guys? What was the first strain you smoked, and what did you do after smoking it? How'd you feel? :bongin:

    EDIT: Also what is the Dankest strain you've EVER smoked too?
  2. The first strain I ever smoked was some shwag-ass Mexican ditchweed. The first GOOD strain I smoked was probably Red or Gold Colombian....landrace Sativa....compressed buds from being smuggled across many borders....full of seeds...tasted like caramel. The feeling was blissful euphoria...colors looked richer....I felt full of love.
  3. Well, it was definitely some form of marijuana. And I can't even remember what I are for breakfast yesterday so I couldn't tell ya what it was.
  4. Blueberrry
  5. Northern Lights

    Edit: I just felt that circle effect
  6. White Rhino was the first dank strain I smoked, didn't get high though, it was my first time smoking. First time smoking dank and getting high was Black Widow. Pretty good stuff. I started out my smoking career smoking dank. For awhile I thought all weed was dank, I didn't know what reggie/mids were.

  7. How is Northern Lights? Always wanted to smoke it.
  8. Some Sour Diesel about 3 months after I started smoking. Had to walk a mile in the cold-ass snow both there and back to get it, but in the end I can honestly say that it was the highest I've ever been to this day.

  9. Yup Sour D smells soo skunky which I don't really like, but that high is unbeatable ;)
  10. OG Kush or White Widow (when it was named). Prior to that it was just "the kind" (da kind?) or "chronic" or "indica" or "humboldt" lol

  11. Awww yeah!! I can tell you're a pro :yay:

  12. Yup! That Orange Kush is super dank. And seeing a bowl being broken off a pound is a weird experience. Feels like your watching a baby being born lol
  13. I don't know what my first strain was as I wasn't as knowledgeable about strains as I am now (still barely but more-so than i used to be). And my first dank was Sour Diesel and is still my favorite strain to this day. :smoking:
  14. First time weed made me lay down. I was on a garage floor and it felt like a mattress. Head was foggy with blissful thoughts. I don't remember anything I talked about. I don't remember any part of they day besides I know I went to school went to my friends house and he told he had northern lights. I told him I have never smoked high grade weed before. He immediately loaded a bong bowl. Tasted like pine and sour.

    Got me hooked for life...

  15. Diesel i Texas there was nothing but brick brick for almost my whole life then all of a sudden diesel and many other strains to fallow but diesel was all there was for a year or more beautiful times!
  16. The first dank strain I smoked was Ak-47 put me on my ass , a gram joint to the face . Gone. Great high tho wish I could find some more

    educate.regulate.medicate 420
  17. Sour d is the first dank bud I can remember such qn uplifting happy high got me away from miss for life

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