What was the first bud you ever smoked?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jack_Herrer, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. My first was Jack Herrer. Thats why i picked that as my user name. Oh, this has nothing to do with my last question. has n e 1 here ever tried legal buds? if so is it just as good as illegal buds?
  2. we were told it was NL... which was bullshit, but it was some really really nice homegrown, not dried right, but still an excellent smoke. we (me and my budies) had been toking about 6 months then, only ever gettin to toke crappy hash.
  3. my brother and i put a tent up in the backyard and took some of my dads home grown i think some kind of a skunk but i was 11 so i dont know....but got high as hell been smoking off and onn since then.....off and on cause i cant find it all the time or afford it

    i know spelling errors...im high so im not gunna fix
  4. some low quality stuff that stacy had. she said if she had known I was gonna smoke for the first time that night she would've brought some good stuff. Oh well, I smoked so much I was fucking blasted anyways.
  5. some very played up schwag
  6. This thread is 6 years old.

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