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what was the best experience youve ever had buying herb?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lil p, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. the best experience i've ever had picking up was last night actually.
    my friend texted me at about 11pm telling me that she started selling, so i asked if i could come over right then and pick some up and she said sure. so i got there, bought the bag and then we matched. we kept smoking for about an hour and then we "jamaican baked" the bathroom, it was great. i ended up crashing.
    so what has been your best experience buying?

  2. fast dealer lol :smoke:
  3. I had this solid dealer on the east coast my buddy and I were meeting up with him one night and the deal goes smooth and fast, he got in the car and we were all just really baked and had a little aha moment. We pay for the oz and he hops back in his ride and cruises off. Meanwhile, we're testing the new buds and the homie we just picked up mentions a phone in the back seat. Turns out it's our dealers, and it's getting a call. One of my buddy's answers and is explaining how he got the phone, it was our dealer on the other end. We go meet up again end matching and laughing about the whole ordeal.

    Not really a best but just an interesting pick up scenario
  4. my best experience buying weed was this one time i called my guy and asked "got anything?" and he was like "yeah come over"
    and i went over, and he gave me weed, then i gave him money... and then i went home and smoked some of the weed and got stoned.
    it was epic.
  5. Most my deals were just meet dude get it and bounce but recently found new dealer.
    everytime I pick up now he's like yo wanna smoke a bowl. -Few bowls later-
    To me good experience cuz i went awhile without dealer like that
  6. First time I got hooked up with a proper connection in university.
    He was such a chill dude. He let me have 2 free rips and weigh the weed myself.
    He got done a couple years later though, so I don't know where he is now.
  7. The other day my dealer came over and I handed him 80$ for a gram of wax (I know expensive) then he tells me that it went down to 60$! He proceeds to give me a free jay and then takes 10$ extra dollars off, so I ended up getting a gram of concentrates that I thought would be 80$ for 50$ and a free jay! Pretty dope. My boys were over as we'll so we all just laughed and got smacked.

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  8. Crazy man, we must be kindred spirits mine was the same. Same dealer maybe?
  9. Probably every time I don't get caught is the best experience lol
  10. Walking into a local shop, getting my id checked to see that I am over 21, and buying a gram of live resin :)
  11. Had been picking up consistent weight (oz/pound) from a dealer (god I smoked way to much back then)
    and was buying a QP from him as we were both heading to a party the following Friday. What was supposed to be a quick "hey, smoke, buy weed, deuce"
    Turned into: "hey, smoke, buy weed, smoke, dab session, smoke, hash oil edible, smoke, green out, recover, smoke, deuce"

    We matched eachother about 10? grams,
    and as we were saying see ya, he says:

    "Hold up, D"
    -Whats up bro?
    "we kinda cut through a lot of your pickup, I got something for you"
    -*laugh* what do you mean?😂
    "Give me a minute, I gotchu"
    (me thinking: what's up with this nig right now?)
    He returns with right around an oz and says: Think fast you thc addict!
    Needless to say I didn't think fast and got a bag of bud to the face. I asked him how much it would cost me, and he told me it was free for hitting him up so much. my brain receptors cried for a minute. But it was one hell of a pickup if I must say :smoke:
  12. My friend who always buys qtrs because he has money said he would sell be 5g of "old" bud for $20. I said sure I'll check it out. It was sour d but it was just dried out a little more than we usually get. I paid him the $20 for like 4.7 g and it was the best thing ever. He needed the money so he could buy some dabs or something that his dealer just got
  13. My first visit to a dispensary . . . Venice Beach. A bunch of pretty girls with triple beams. No limits.
  14. #14 ModernH:pie, Nov 10, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 10, 2014
    My previous dealer smoked me out a bunch of times...
    is it a shady dude, who smokes a lot of weed?
  16. One time I did not have enough money, so the dealer (female) offered to give me a blow job to make up the difference. It was win-win.
  17. Don't tell me you bought resin at a dispensary.
  18. Am I reading that right? You were short 10 bucks in a sack so she blew you and called it even? That shit doesn't even happen in dreams.
  19. I was supposed to pick up a quad, like I did every week at the time, but my dealer couldn't make it that day, for some unknown reason. The next day, I pick up the quarter, like I was supposed to do the previous day, and he gives me a free baggy of kief (enough for one fat bowl) as a "sorry I didn't make it on time" gift
  20. Now now son, just calm yourself down and let OSS tell ya thing or two about himself. 
      You see son, I just happen to be God's gift to women. As a matter of fact, at this very moment, as you are reading this, there are several hundred bladies lining themselves up in front of me and begging me to love them.
    Your jealousy is futile. Nobody will ever be as great as I.
    Stay envious my friends  :)

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