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    So i was watching the news today, and it said something about a new study found marijauna caused cancer in the testicals
  2. There has been tons of posts like these. It was a horrible scientific study that proved nothing. They did not to any research it was just a servey. they jad like a couple hundred guy and some girls that had ball cancer. It just so happened that like 15% of the ppl that had ball cancer also smoked weed. they had no details on family history, past use, amount of time used or any thing used to back up their claims. it was just a poorly conducted servey that they considered a scientific experiement and started to parade it thru the media. its just more anti-pot propaganda that people will soon figure out to be another false claim.
  3. Lol, Sorry about not using search button, wont happen again:eek:
  4. I keep getting confused. i heard about thc destroying tumors and killing cancer cels, then theres another one about how thc makes tumors more agressive. is this just me being confused, or does thc not destroy tumors?

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