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What was it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by takeiteasy420uk, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Okay, so yesterday I was at a friends BBQ. We had chicken, bacon, burgers ect and I had a bit of everything.

    Now, our smoking buddy came over and she had two spliffs with us. It was the standard weed we always buy, every 3 days or so (I think so anyway). Anyway, I had to drive back to mine to pick something up and on the way in the car I felt really, really morbid. I got back to mine and my mum said I looked really pale. Low and behold, my entire days stomache contents spewed in my toilet sink.

    After I chucked it all out of my system, I felt fine. Still a bit bloated, nauseous and stoned. But I was at that stage where you can tell you won't be sick anymore (Truth be told I wasn't! :hello:).

    Anyway, my question is; was it the weed, or poorly cooked food? Both tasted fine, but I don't know how long it was cooked for. The chicken was a little white..
  2. It was probably the food. E. Coli and Salmonella don't have a flavor lol. Or it could have been the combination of too much food, weed and tobacco. Tobacco can make you a bit ill if you're not used to it.
  3. possibly raw chicken, combination of raw chicken and other shit
  4. It was probably the food. You should always look for the most direct connection between your symptoms and contributing factors first. In this case, your stomach nausea was most likely your body's way of telling you "Hey, this isn't good for me, I'm going to go ahead and get this out of here the quickest way possible."

    Also, you could've ate too much. That happens too.
  5. Tobacco can make you feel nausious if your not a usually smoker
  6. Early tobacco use and lots of food don't mix well (been there). If you feel better, don't worry about it.
  7. Sourced it; my mum is a chef. Moderate food poisoning.

    My mum say's it'll be the chicken that caused it, which is right on the money because I thought it looked a little white. I feel perfect now though, minus the occasional stomache twinge.

    As for the tobacco suggestions; probably not. I used to smoke on and off for a few months a year ago. Never came down ill or any other health issues (yet) because of it.

    My guess is mild food poisoning and the weed just made it worse. I've gone back and checked out a few buds from the same baggie. Seriously dank shit. Strongest I've smelt/smoked and I've been blazing fully for just over a year and a half. Nice green though!
  8. Yeah, fucking BBQ's everyone just dives in without even checking what they're eating, it's sooo easy to under cook things

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