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What was it like the first time you got high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sensual Koala, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. Didn't see thread on this, so decided to post.

    Share your experience of the first time you smoked and got high.

    For me, my first time I was with my gf and another one of my friends(who are veteran smokers). I took 4 hits from a pipe and BAM it hit me like a bag of bricks. After giggling and laughing for a good 20 minutes I managed to make 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, 1 cup of ramen, 1 PB&J sandwich, 1 quesadilla and scrambles eggs. I walked back into the living room with all this food on one plate. After me and my friend ate all of it I crawled under a blanket and randomly poked my head out saying " Am I not turtle enough for the turtle club" this lasted about an hour. Then I came down a little bit, crawled into bed and passed out.
  2. My first time was like Zero Gravity and i was just stuck in my bed, When i would open one eye the room would go sideways...... ive been hooked ever since
  3. I felt like I was stuck on a roller coaster and couldn't get off
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    My first time was intense because I smoked legal herb k2. After we finished the blunt, I dont remember the next 15 minutes, but when I came too I could not stop laughing. I was laughing so loud and so much I could barely breathe. My sister was on probation for possession so that's why we did the legal herb. I kinda just straight up asked her If i could smoke with her. She was trying to calm me down while laughing herself at my reaction. I was on the ground spinning in a circle thinking soulja boi was rappin but it was actually the news lady. Cried because i dropped an oreo on my milk. Ripped her bathroom door off the hinges because I thought her boyfriend abused her for some reason and locked myself inside. Swam in her bed b/c she had blue bed sheets, and thought I was drowning. Then when she went to sleep, the next 3-4 hours I rocked out to blue grass. Who woulda thought blue grass actually sounds good high. Didn't go to sleep till 6-7 in the am because the high lasted that long. We smoked at 9-10pm.

    Cannot discuss legal highs on GC - WW
  5. First time was when I was 15. I remember having a heavy body stone, and feeling kind of tingly. Me and my friend just chilled and played some xbox. But before that I got real paranoid because my friend was joking telling me it was laced. And I also got paranoid I would get caught. But after paranoia it was really good.
  6. oh man. first time was awesome. me and my friend blazed and each ate a whole can of pringles. hahaha
  7. i was 13 i just bought my first cut ever called my friend cuz i didnt know shit about it he was 16 and had a car came and picked me up and we smoked it all that weekend got real baked
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    Thats some funny shit. That k2 legal stuff messed me up pretty bad. The first time I smoked it I nearly had my gf call 911, I was on the floor having the worst panic attack/trip ever. After she calmed me down I danced around my front yard pretending I was a ballerina. My neighbor came up and asked me what I was doing and I replied "I just wanna do ballet and dance foreverrr":confused:

    Can't discuss legal highs here - WW
  9. Since y'all can't be arsed with actually FOLLOWING the rules, I'm just going to close this down.

    Reason 1)
    Discussion of legal highs.

    Reason 2)
    Discussion of minors smoking.

    Reason 3)
    THere are already about a dozen threads on this very topic.
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