What was/is your favorite lunchable?

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    I was big on the nachos
  2. The little pizzas is the only ones I like and they r the shiznit.
  3. Call me sick but I use to love to mix the salsa and cheese together with the nachos. That shit was an orgasm in my mouth!

  4. Word! I would always dip my chip in both so by the end both compartments for the sauce were cheese and salse mixed

  5. Turkey with cheddar cheese. Old school :cool:
    I still eat them sometime. It's like a little snack meal for a dollar. Can't beat that.
  6. My parents never bought them. Didn't have the money for that. But looking back, really doesn't look like I missed much.

  7. Growing up I was the kid with soggy pb&j and carrot sticks while my friends had lunchables and fruit cups. So lunchables was a huge treat for me when I got them but I always thought the ones except for the crackers, meat and cheese were gross. Tomato sauce on pita bread with unmelted cheese? Cold chicken nuggets? Cold nachos? Barf.
  8. All star burgers. I miss my childhood football/baseball/basketball games ending with a goodie bag with lunchables in it. NOM NOM NOM. Those were the days.
  9. dawg why you posting in here tho?


    Lunchables or gtfo :smoking:
  10. The pizazz Is all I remember while in elementary school. And only from trades.

    But even then I knew I wasn't missing much ;)

    Had pizza and apple sauce every day for lunch til I was in prob 2nd grade, then it was lunch meat, chicken, or leftovers til I graduated.

    Now I'm also piece of shit for being so fat from all the snacks I never ate as a kid :p

    Not saying they're related, because they're definitely not, but I'm actually glad I grew up without all that garbage.

    But at the same time... So much regret.
  11. I detested ALL the lunchables. They're just a big rip off. Go to deli dept and get them to slice some lunchmeat real thick and then get crackers. Make your own. They all tasted meh at best.
  12. probably the cheeseburger ones. but before that i always used to get the cracker stackers
  13. Either the nacho ones, or the ones with ham, jello and what not!
  14. Simple and easy. I'm assuming they don't make them anymore?

  15. All about the turkey or ham 'n cheese, the nachos were good too though. Don't think you can get 'em in the UK anymore.
    Waste of money indeed, but who gave a fuck about that kind of shit when they were a kid?:smoke:
  16. Has anyone ever got a pizza one where the pepperoni was all sliced up into little triangles?
  17. Ohh my Goddddd this just made me miss elementary school. I used to love the bologna/cheese/cracker one. I think it was the Canadian version, called Lunchmate, but the same concept.
    I never liked the pizza one, and there was some hot dog one too but it actually tasted like assholes.
  18. The cheese and cracker ones were the best. Also the nachos are good too:smoking:

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