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what volume is a bucket 10"

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by mangochut, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. can someone pls tell me how to get the (soil) volume of a square bucket design that is:

    25 cm (10") wide across the top
    25 cm (10") downwards

    it is a square (geometric) pot design, as I heard these are efficient space wise. I have tried a few conversion websites but none seem to allow to work out the capacity of a container if you have the dimensions in length.

    the pot is in the store and 2 of them side by side fit perfectly inside my grow cab which is 55 cm wide but before I buy I want to know if they're at least 3 gallon each. and the maker of the pot doesn't put the capacity on their packaging (duh?)
  2. fill it with water with a measuring jug ;)
  3. High mang! Let me guess, you were the one in highschool who horanged the math teacher by saying.."when am i ever going to need this?"lol (sorry just had to put a jab in,lol)
    by the specs you've stated,"10x10x10" then you'll have 1000 cubic inches(the volume). Unfortunately, I can do the math, but cant ever remember things. So, if you know the volume of a gallon, you can compare which is bigger. Peace, TBug
  4. Thats roughly a 3.5 litre pot

  5. Bigger than that.

    1000 cubic inches is 16.3 litres. Which is about 4.33 US gallons
  6. Just goes to prove I've had too much to smoke already :rolleyes:
  7. High Fly! kudos on the "quick draw" conversions. lol Guess I could have looked around the house for some labeled items, but Im not getting out of this chair til the Dawgs game is over! lol and peace, TBug
  8. Like most things, you can Google volume conversions. LOL
  9. I'd pictured a 4-5 gallon container to be bigger than the ones I saw today, the pots are compact. I shall get them! the numbers don't lie.

    thankyou for your help in validating my purchase.

    btw I've always had respect for the maths, but just was never very good at it. (but my computer is). :eek:
  10. Compact is right mang. square pots have more volume than round. Peace, Tbug
  11. wasted space would result in severe penalties, of a reduced amount of bud.

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