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What Video Game Are You Playing

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Lewd, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. Gta v online, Mass effect Andromeda, Fallout 4, mafia 3,

    Yeah i know, I have my hands full.
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  2. Kingdom Hearts 1. Again. For the millionth time. Best game ever imo

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  3. FB_IMG_1501515586704.jpg

    Kingdom of hearts is basically Disney crossed with final fantasy :lmafoe:
  4. Don't know what that is, but sounds gay as fuck

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  5. That’s exactly what it is duhh. And idk it’s not that, just the platformer adventure type stuff I love. Like another one of my faves is Ratchet and Clank.
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  6. hilarious.gif
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  7. Fair i never really got into the game, I'm more into FPS/sports games tbh
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  8. Some good FPS are out!!.. can't wait to get my scorpio mañana

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  9. PUBG, anyone trying to play?
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  10. Fun game, got bored of it though. Been hoping the vaulting update will help bring me back. Hoping they fix server issues also. The early game lag and mid game network drops are garbage.
  11. Finally managed to get into Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain. Been trying to get into it for the last 6 months, on a friends recommendation. All honesty, it was like trying to break down a wall with a flaccid penis. Worth it in the end though, can't put it down now

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  12. I'm on assassins creed origin, shadow of War and halo 5 of course...

    Xbox one x is wonderful and the graphics are remarkable

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  13. Just finished South Park The Fractured But Whole the other day and just started Super Mario Odyssey last night, seems like it will be a fun game
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  14. Fortnite - Battle Royale and Save The World. Mostly the PvE version, Save The World.

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  15. Is PUGB good man? I've only seen a few videos of it, It's coming to PS4/Xbox one next month I'm tempted to get it
  16. Going to wake & bake then play Friday the 13th :smoke:

  17. Mostly been playing fallout new vegas and a bit of cs go now and again although I'm jaded af with it for the most part. Looking to get a forza game either horizon 3 or motorsport 7 on pc but I'm gonna need to upgrade my GPU to really play either of em which kinda sucks.
  18. You better be playing Fallout 4 on survival mode! It’s completely different, even from the next hardest difficulty down. I’ve heard too many people complain about Fallout 4 being “too easy, too small of a map, not much content, building is irrelevant” but NONE of them play survival mode.... it changes the game entirely
  19. Lately it’s been Rainbow Six:Siege for me and some times Destiny 2

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