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What Video Game Are You Playing

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Lewd, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. Only FPS i go hard is halo.. Mulitplayer never dies lol... I tried destiny but that game is garbage to me...

    When you 100 percent disability like me and don't have to work.. you put in tons of hours of gaming lol

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  2. I recently purchased Fallout 4. It's the exact same engine as Fallout 3 and I'm not too keen on the story or side missions. Bethesda really watered down the RPG elements of the game, but improved the shooting mechanics. I still enjoy it quite a bit, since my favorite thing to do is loot and my favorite kind of setting is a post apocalyptic one.

  3. Halo is amazing. well the first 3 games are lol.
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  4. Just got The Warriors for PS4 in the sale for £4.99 watching the film while it downloads @Original Tonika you ever played it? Game kicks ass it's one of my all time fav games:biggrin:

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  5. No I did not know there was a game for it lol will have to check it out now that you told me.
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  6. What? I did not realise it was in the PSN store. I will definitely have to get that.
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  7. Planetside 2
    I absolutely love MMOFPS games. Tlreminds me of mag but better.
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    Saints row 2 lol just finished off The Ronin last night. I feel bad for Johnny Gat that his girl Aisha gets killed by Jyunichi . Anywho we going after The Sons Of Samedi next.
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  9. You gotta play on survival difficulty. It changes the game completely, for the better.
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  10. Evil Within 2. Play with a headset on and game volume maxed. It’s not like scream out loud, jump scare type of scary but there’s this constant tension and you don’t know what to expect next. On top of that, you never get much resources or ammo and the enemies are hard to kill (unless you play on casual like a biiiiiiiitch) it makes it very challenging at times. I think the Evil Within games are so underrated
  11. I've thought about that, but what frustrates me the most is what you choose to say may initially seem like it would have some sort of impact, but most of it receives the same exact response and outcome. I still enjoy the survival element of the game though and I think it gets too much shit for the graphics, so I'll probably try survival mode.
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  12. Yeah dude its got HD graphics & Trophies the games pretty sweet man been playing it for the last day or so it kicks ass
  13. Survival makes the game infinitely better in my opinion. It makes building settlements actually relevant, the game feels a lot bigger, you discover a LOT of hidden/unmarked locations, and all the junk and bullshit laying around can serve a purpose
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  14. Been playing Bloodborne, tryin to get my grasp on it, kinda getting gud.

    Really digging the lore though, its so in depth.
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  15. man i had that game for the original xbox, had a lot of fun stabbing bitches and stealing stereos.

    i've put about 100 hours into oblivion recently, such a dank game.
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  16. AC Syndicate
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  17. We started Gears of War 2 last night lol my favorite one.
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  18. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (Pc, multiplayer)

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  19. Been playing warframe on pc since the end of november. Got 90+ hours in so far. No signs of stopping.

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