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Discussion in 'General' started by 2Packed, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. I am English but I am currently living in Portugal and I ride a Suzuki Bandit 600cc motorcycle. (As a lot of you know)

    My parents are strongly considering moving to Florida, USA and I am most likely going to go with them.

    I am going to sell my bike and I looking for ideas of a vehicle to get.

    I am thinking of some kind of SUV.

    I am going to have around $4000 to spend on one including insurance and tax (and any other fees).

    The Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Ford Explorer both seem quite nice but I have very little knowledge of Americans vehicles.

    Does anyone have any SUV experiance?

    I am only 18 aswell if that helps and I am not really interested in a Sports car.

    Thanks, 2Packed.
  2. Well with gas prices I doubt you want a SUV. I drive a 4runner and its pretty nice, decent on gas if you drive right. If I was you id look for a camry or civic
  3. What are the gas prices at the moment?

    I pay 1.34c (euro) a litre here.
  4. around 3$ a gallon in FL and it will only be worse after the hurricane. save your money and get something thats gas efficient. Tell your parents to save their money and not move to florida :hello:

    goodluck bro!
    <3 nexis
  5. dude stick with a bike in florida man, summer is great for riding , i'm going cruising with my pops tommorrow so it will be nice all summer, other than afternoon rain, you should be fine, you can buy once cheap and well within your budget, probably pickup one thats an upgrade from yours pretty easily
  6. Nah, I am definatley ready to move onto a car.

    A gallon is 5 litres right?

    That means petrol is A LOT cheaper there than it is here...!
  7. nope i gal = 3.78 L, so gas is more exspensive in the UK
  8. Ok, I just found out I pay around $9/$10 a gallon here.
  9. yeah its 3x cheaper here, plus florida doesnt have emission testing on your vehicle so you dont have to worry about it every year
  10. i believe its 3 litres to a gallon, or close to that.

    edit: someone beat me to it haha
  11. Ok, I worked it out exactly now.

    I pay $6.30 a gallon here. (I was working in UK Gallons before!)
  12. you might like a pontiac vibe AWD. great gas mileage, super safe, and plenty of space inside. its a little underpowered, and it doesnt have a whole lot of storage room, but its a nice ride. make sure you move to central florida, that way you can go to any place using i4/i95. send me a PM if you do move
  13. yeah 2packed PM me when you get down here, me, you and ucf toker will go chill and welcome you to america's wang
  14. floridas the shit, we have beaches and them parks~
  15. plus Naples has crip weed
  16. yeah florida has krip all over cause thats all we grow dont here
  17. Go for the Grand Cherokee bro, I have had prolly 15 Jeeps and they have all been good to me, not too bad on gas either. plus if you ever need help with it you can PM me I know all there is to know bout them. If I don't know i can find it out really quick. JOE>
  18. Don't get the Exploder, it's known to have problems. For example, my parents got an 04, and they have already had to rebuild the whole rear end, aside from other minor defects.

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