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  1. So, i tried a vaporizer the other day, and like most people that have, I'm sold. I know the 2 vaporizers that seem to be most popular around here are the Da Buddha and vapbros vaporizers, but I just spent alot of $ on a new bong, so i gotta ask, how good are the cheap ebay vapes? They seem to have everything you could want (glass on glass/ ceramic heating element/ digital display), and they are less that $40.00 shipped! Is it raelly worth the extra money for a vaporbros?

    here is the one im talking about: TOP LINE VAP HERBAL HERB VAPOR VAPORIZE VAPORIZER NEW ! - eBay (item 220479410217 end time Sep-14-09 14:00:00 PDT)
  2. Yes it is.
  3. they are made cheaply and i have heard of many breaking,but some do last. its really worth the extra money because you get a quality vape and they have a good warrenty.
  4. going cheap on vape is not a good idea. Spend a little money 150-200 and you will be satisfied with whatever you get.
  5. I just got a digital vape off of ebay last week for around $45. For the money I cant be happier. I dont know how long it will last but it seems to be doing fine. I can break 3 of these for the same amount as an expensive one. Works for me.
  6. I think I'm gonna start saving for a da buddha then.
  7. GREAT choice. :hello:
  8. Best choice if you don't count the Purple Dayz vape. :)
  9. i have herbalaire 2.1 i love it, does bags and direct inhale

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    The DBV could be the best choice even if I do count the Purple Days. They're both great vapes for different reasons.

    If ya grow your own, or you have enough access to money that buying bud doesn't bother you, and you want super, rich, thick bong like rips out of your vape, the DBV would be the choice.

    But if you don't grow your own, and if money's a bit tight and you don't mind giving up some bong like rips for the sake of efficiency, there's nothing more efficient than the Purple Days.

    Fuck, get 'em both. The Purple Days for your daily workhorse and the DBV for those special occasions or when you just want to get super ripped really fast. :D

    Edit: The HerbalAire pictured above another good vape. Jack of all trades, master at none. If ya wanna vape that does it all, bags, whips, direct draw, the HerbalAire or the Extreme would be the way to go. But either one of those vapes doesn't do bags as well as a 'Cano, or whips as good as a DBV or direct draw as good as PD. But...........they do all delivery modes.

    Lotsa good vapes out there.
  11. Yeah Lwien, my next vape is going to be a Purple Days when I have the money but so far this Da Buddha is awesome.
  12. Yeah, they make a great pair.
  13. when it comes to vaporizers, name brands really arent as important as bongs and such.

    you want a vaporizer that doesnt have an angled heat element so your bud doesnt fall out when you put the snake on...you want one thats angled parallel to the table it's on. My first vape was one that's angled and i regret it to this day because it ran me 120 and it was shit.

    trust me i know from first hand experience.

    another thing is you need to know how to use a vaporizer before buying one. people think you put the snake on the heating element and leave it there for the remainder of your bud. that is not what you do. you put it on only when you're inhaling. again, trust me i vape everyday. you do this because you get so many more rounds out of however much weed is in your snake.

    I'd recommend this vape right here:
    HOTBOX Herbal Vaporizer | Vaporizers Giant | Cheap Vaporizers Wholesale Prices | Volcano Air2 Vapir

    hope i helped.
  14. Really? Why?
  15. Scrap all these other ideas, step up and get a Volcano.

    You won't be disappointed!
  16. TOTAL bullshit.

  17. Really? You didn't like it? I've never met someone that didn't enjoy the Volcano more than other vapes they had used.
  18. The Volcano is a great vape, but to tell someone to scrap all of the previous suggestions and save up for a 'Cano is implying that all other vapes aren't as good, and that is just false. I know many people who have multiple vapes including the Volcano, and the 'Cano is sitting on the shelf and only gets pulled down when there's gonna be a party, because as a party vape, the Volcano can't be beat.

    But for daily use, there are other vapes that are much more efficient. And there are other vapes that will give a much richer, thicker vapor hit which the Volcano just can't do because of it's high air to vapor ratio.

    Also, there are a lot of people that just don't like to suck on bags......

    So to say that the Volcano is better than any other vape is just not a true statement for everyone. It may be for some, but not for all.
  19. I have a VaporBros, it rapes face, literally. No need to buy something as expensive as a Volcano or some shit. Also, consider a VaporGenie?

  20. agreed. i got one and i fuckin love it.

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