What Vaporizer Gets You The Most High

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  1. I just would like to know, simply what vaporizer will get me the highest out of the ones out there.
  2. I'm pretty sure the high is all the same, but the amount of vapor per drag can increase with some.  I've heard people say the SSV is the best vapor producer.  
    This. Although anyone who says SSV is king "o" vapor production hasn't tried a LSV or Cloud through a tube.
  4. What is the lsv?
    Life saber vaporizer. Also by 7th floor, like the SSV and buddha. All their vapes are essientially the same with different housings. The LSV is more designed for running through a tube then the SSV. Many people rank it not too far below their clouds in vapor production. I agree with those people.
  6. Ssv for me I have use alot of vapes an the ssv still is king for me I can milk like I was combusting.
  7. They can all get you just as high with the same amount of bud, the real difference is how you get there. You would probably want a heavy hitter vape such as the ssv which would provide you with big hits quick. Smaller hits at a slower rate, like with the mflb get me just as high, sometimes higher with the same amount since theres more time to absorb the thc. However, a vape like that could not give me that blast of thc I feel right after a huge thick hit.
    Its all preference Imo.
  8. Like cloud vape pen?  If so it's a POS and what's LSV?
    I love my SSV <3
    Cloud as in VapeXhale cloud. LSV is a life saber vaporizer made by the same company as your SSV. Look it up.
  10. I thought you meant the pen and I was about to save you 65$ and that's dope.
    My b
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    sorry to burst everyones bubble but the only real factor in which vaporizer gets you the highest is almost entirely based on what oils or waxes you are using and the potency of the cbc and cbd levels.
  12. I hate to burst your bubble but no one was talking about vape pens.
  13. Well OP as others have said the high depends on the potency/quality of your herbs, however I would highly suggest a log vaporizer if your looking to buy something efficient yet still heavy hitting, also the small bowls really help to conserve that stash.
  14. I have both a mflb and a arizer solo, and the solo gets me far higher with the same amount of herbs
  15. I've heard a lot of good things about the mflb, I was going to get it but now I'm probably gonna get the Omicron vape pen.
    Can anyone vouch for this product? 
  16. Different units have different efficiencies, which means you get more of less of your herb....And temp can effect your high a lot too...
    But yeah for the most part with a decent vape and the same air stream temp (not necessarily as easy as just setting units to same temp), you REALLY are not going to be too far off.

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