What vape to get?

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  1. Hey guys, I recently bought the mflb, which I think is a pretty good stealthy vape, but it's not exactly user friendly as a few of my friends have proclaimed it "sucked" because they couldn't figure it out, others are contemplating getting their own, but that's not the point. I'm looking at investing in a hopefully good quality vape for around 200$, I want this to be a desktop vape as I already have a portable stealth one. Whether it is a bag or whip doesn't matter much to me, but just post what you would suggest, from where, and why.
    Thanks a bunch in advanced guys!
  2. Silver surfer, Da buddha, Arizer Extreme Q. All 3 are great quality, kinda just depends on what exactly you are looking for.

  3. Add in the LSV (Life Sabre) into that mix if you REALLY like vaporbonging.
  4. I'll have to agree with Silver Surfer.. out of all that I've used I say this one is by far the best :)
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    Two questions. One, is that what other vapes have you used? Secondly is, what is it the best at? Taste, size of hit, ease of maintenance, ease of use, etc etc etc.

    The SSV is a great vape, and it does some things better than others, but there are other vapes that do other things better than the SSV.

    If taste is a major concern, that long hose takes away from that as compared to the shorter glass on glass vapor path of the LSV.

    Just offering up a different perspective here.

    But if ya want a hard hitting vape that will smack you in the head, like NOW, and taste and efficiency is not high on your priority list, the SSV is hard to beat.
  6. These were the three I was already looking at basically, what would I be getting out of each one?
    I don't have a bong to be vaporbonging with so this is not exactly the best choice, thanks for the suggestion though!
    What makes it the best?
    As of now the only vaporizer I have used is the mflb :(, though not disappointed as I didn't expect it to be the best vaporizer, considering it is for stealth and is why I wanted it. However, I am now looking for one that is up there on the list of "top" vapes and not stealth. I do want my vapor to taste good, don't we all?, but it doesn't need to be the BEST tasting vapor ever, good will suffice. Size of the hit needs to be pretty large, whatever I get it needs to hit significantly better than the mflb, otherwise I have no reason to get it, I don't have a power adapter so if the hits will be similar to what I'd get with an adapter I may just buy one, but would prefer to get one that won't compare. I would like something that is pretty easy to maintain, but I don't mind having to do something to keep it in good condition, at the same time I don't want to have to get too involved with dealing with the cleaning and end up messing something up. I am looking for something with relative ease of use, I don't want my vaping experience to be filled with difficulty, which I don't think it would be (hopefully) regardless with what I end up going with.
    So it looks like I should be going between a DBV, SSV, and EQ, now what seperates these that I should be looking at? Also, what site would you recommend? I got the mflb from puffitup, and checking there they have them aswell, but if there is a better place your help is appreciated!
    Thanks a bunch everybody!

  7. If you plan on using your vape in party situations, get the Extreme because there is nothing more idiot proof than passing the bags around. When not in a party situation, you can use it as a whip based vape.

    If you're not going to be using it in party situations, I would prefer either the DBV or SSV. The SSV has more options for aesthetic customization. It also allows a bit of a stronger hit than the DBV because the air path is a lot more focused, but..........it also means that you will have to stir up your bud and move the wand around a bit to get an even vape across the bud. The DBV comes standard with GonG hands free and is a bit cheaper.
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    Hmm, it is pretty unlikely that I'll be using it much at parties, but the possibility is definitely there. This is too hard of a damn decision haha! Sounds like the Extreme Q is pretty good for a versatile vape, the DBV for an easy but quality vaping experience, and the SSV for a slightly more quality but more difficult vaping experience. I feel like I may be leaning towards the EQ for it's versatility, but if I end up hardly using the bag I may have cheated myself, how does the EQ compare to the DBV?, is the SSV really worth the extra money versus the DBV if I was to go with one of those?, thanks so much for your help man, I'd rep you again but I need to spread it around haha!
    Edit: Also I've ignored the LSV up to this point, but I noticed its about the same price as an SSV, is the LSV only superior for vaporbonging?
    2nd Edit: Just noticed the EQ has a lifetime waranty, this is sorta making me lean moreso towards this. Any experience with the 3 year waranty for the DBV/SSV or the lifetime with the EQ?
    3rd Edit: This is a lot of edits, haha. I went for the EQ from puffitup they had it on sale for 175 and I've went through them before with no problems. I'll make sure to tell you guys how I like it once I get it. Thanks to everyone who helped with this decision.

  9. Da buddha, and SSV are very similar, both are hose style, and require little maintenance. All you really need to do is change the screen once every couple weeks, and clean the glass every once in a while. As for the extreme q it is the cheapest of the 3, and does bags and hose. I personally have da buddha, and I dont have anything bad to say about it, all I can say is I wish I would have upgraded to the SSV. If I were you I would go for the SSV unless you are set on being able to use the bags and the hose. Thats just my opinion though, so keep an open mind to what other people have to say.
  10. Thanks man, I already ordered an EQ, felt like it was still a quality product without shelling out the extra 100 for the SSV which I felt I would have been compelled to get out of the DBV/SSV choice. :hello: thanks for your help hopefully the EQ will get me nice and :smoking:
  11. Hope you enjoy your new vape.
    Arizer is a good company and makes quality products. You should be happy with it.

  12. I have seen nothing but good things about it, im sure you will love it.

  13. Thanks guys! Always reassuring to hear good things about a purchase I just made. Anyone had any experience with their warranty service?
  14. How did the vape go? Did it arrive yet? I'm in the same situation, I have a MFLB and want a desktop vape. I think the bags for the EQ and the warranty make it the best choice.
  15. The vape finally arrived today, being on the other side of the country during christmas time definitely increased the shipping time. Unfortunately, I can not give a review yet, I am at college not home. If I go home this weekend I will report back, otherwise it will be on tuesday.
  16. Great thread (for me), I'm in the exact same situation as the OP, trying to decide on a vape, wanting to stay around $200 range.

    Just decided on the EQ, couldn't pass up the $169 deal plus free 2 day shipping that I found on-line. Read a lot of good things about it. Looking forward to test driving it this weekend if the 2 day shipping actually works (not sure if Saturday counts)....
  17. Hope you got yours! I just unwrapped mine last night and I am happy with my purchase:smoking: need to do some research on how to use it a bit better now haha.
  18. Got mine today. Damn - no days off until xmas. No time to play with it.

    I'm in same boat as you, have to do a lot of research to use it right. So far I did plug it in at least, make sure it powers up and seems to work.

    Question (if anyone knows) - I thought the temperature presets on the remote were supposed to set the unit to those presets of 50, 100, 200, 210, 220, 230 etc. But when I press them the thing goes way up to like 392 or 425????? Can explain to me what is happening with this???? I set mine to "F" for farenheit btw - is that the problem (should I leave it on C)? I am totally confused.

  19. Wait..I get it....I am an idiot. The "392" / "425" numbers I was seeing are the Farenheit temperature the unit reaches when pressing the 200, 210, 220 settings. My brain is so locked into Farenheit that I thought the 50/100/200 etc presets represented Farenheit scale and that when I pressed 200 it was supposed to go to "200", but they are all in C (it goes to 200 C = 392 F). To eliminate some confusion I think it is best to leave the unit as "C" for the display settings, let the sets of numbers all match and be in the same scale etc.

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