What vape should I get?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by dureel, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I want to get a vaporizer, I'm thinking either the pocket sized one or a Volcano. I used to have a DigiVapor that I spent over $200 on that was a piece of shit (every time you pulled the air would cool off the burner and it would take like 30 minutes to smoke a nick). Just want something good and worth the money
  2. *sigh* The SSV...it will change your life forever...you might as well just order it now then leave me a vistor message later telling me how epic my advice was :rolleyes:
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    I love my Volcano Classic, worth every penny and i've never for a second thought that I regretted splashing out on it. Definitely has its problems, but for my purposes it's perfect.

    I love the reliability, mine has been used heavily almost every day for the last 2 years and it's never broken, and works the same as the day I got it. It only needs a clean every couple of months and that's really quick and easy, get a great taste of your bud, it's great being able to adjust temperature and it warms up pretty fast and the biggest plus is (I know all bag vapes will have this but still) being able to load up a 6ft bag of vapor and then toss it around the room if you've got mates over. So much easier than having to all crowd around a table and a single whip.

    My problems with it are that it's pretty loud when filling a bag, not loud enough that you can't hear your t.v or music but it's pretty annoying. Also the bags crinkle (is that a word?) when you use them which is annoying but I don't mind too much. If you're looking for stealth, this definitely isn't a good option...

    But yeah, in my opinion, the Volcano is the best table top bag vape there is. If you want stealth or really thick, milky bong like vape hits which a whip will give then it's not for you but if you want something to sit on your desk on in front of your t.v which will never fail you and is great for group sessions then it's a great option.

    If you want a portable check out the Wispr, I loved the Iolite (previous version), i've never used the Wispr but it sounds great!
  4. Da Buddha all the way! It's basically the same as the SSV, just not customizable and much cheaper. It's the best vape for under $200 in my opinion
  5. I don't think I'm gonna go with another tube vape like the SSV. I've had much better experiences with bag vapes, are there any others similar to the Volcano?
  6. Extreme Q all the way imho.. great fucking vape.. and you get the option of using a whip or a bag system

    i find it funny how you're either gonna spend like a $150-200 on a portable or you're down to drop $500+ on a volcano...

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