what vape pen should I buy just for Concentrates?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by DLeggo_420, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. So Ive been looking forward to buying a vape pen just for concentrates

    But I need help picking a dependable one that will last me for a while, the voltage is good, the concentrates burn well, you can get good tokes, etc.

    For now Ive been looking at the double pack micro g pen for 60 and the atmos jewel or jr

    Price range is between $30-$60

    So can someone please help me choose wisely?
  2. I got a dr dabber when i had access to concentrates. Worked great during that time the battery life was really good and gave nice hits. But i am no concentrate or pen expert.
  3. I think Vaporite Sapphire Vaporizer is good for you. If you are looking for no frills, but want to get into vaporizing, this unit is a great choice. Though it does not seem to leak at all, the mouthpiece cover ensures that nothing will spill out.
  4. I have a Dr Dabber and it works great for me. Deeper chamber so I can pack more in and the burn isn't too harsh. Just a couple bucks beyond your price range (80) but that's what I use and figured I'd share.

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