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  1. What are the best nutes out there???
  2. That's a rough question. Are you looking organic or synthetic?
  3. I like the ones with pictures of animals on them. :)
    For synthetics I'd pick Advanced, organics I go with Espoma.
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    Advanced nutes are the best you can get.. Ooops I forgot to say Dr. Hornby is back with a new line from green planet. so advanced nutes isnt the best anymore. Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Anything Fox Farm related. Can't go wrong there....unless you over do it.
  6. Ok on fox farm they have the 6 pack of nutes.... what about advanced??? They all have a bunch of products whats the best line up
  7. Not sure where you're looking but you can get singles, 3-packs & 6-packs here in Colorado.
  8. Online there are no store around here Carrie fox farm or advance nutes.... i seen the 6 pack of ff for 129.99 is that good
  9. ^ not bad, if it comes with the bloom boosters. You can get by without bottled cal/mag and silica, which isn't in the 6 pack but I do like to use it as I'm always getting mg deficiencies and heat stress when I don't use them.
  10. Ok im in a small town and all we have is wslmart ace hardware homedepot
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    Does it really work??? and how much should i use.. full half strength????
    Nobody can tell you how much of anything your plants will use, that depends on genetics and how well you balance your environmental factors such as drainage, ph, lighting, humidity, co2, temps, watering cycle, etc. That being said, most people start off at 1/4 strength and move up to half... it's better to let your plants tell you what they need instead of following somebody else's schedule though.
    I buy the base ingredients for my soil at home depot.
  13. Thats what im doing... thank you. im nothern lights and bubblicious from nirvana

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