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What Up maaaan.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XxJWxX, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. What up people. I'm high off my ass right now so I just wanted to say what up, ya know? Damn im hungry, if only i had some pizza right now. I want some damn food ya know? Damn im f*cked up like you wouldn't believe. Thats what happens. Right?

    Waaaazzzzaaaaaaaap!!!!!!!!!! Ah So! Ah So! Ah So! Me no Chink, Me Bruce Lee!
  2. Welcome to the city man..enjoy your stay a blaze a bowl for me

  3. hihihi i'm high too man let's smoke another bowl!!! everyone come in here now and smoke some herb (if you got some) and post

    we really need a chatroom for everyone to go to when blazed
  4. Hmmmm... If its a chatroom you want... I have an IRC server, so I can set one up in about 30 seconds...

    Lemmie know what u guys think, I kinda enjoy the slowness of replies you get on a message board! Still, if a number of people want it...

    post your thoughts ...

    peace ~s~
  5. nah i dont like chatrooms cuz i type too slow lol :D
  6. oh by the way snoopy

    GREAT avatar man

    Peace bladez

  7. heh :)

    Thanks man :D

    Peace my friend

  8. I just blazed a bowl of purple kush just for you man...high like woah!

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