What up GC :D

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DaZapper, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Well ive known about this forum for quite some time i just never posted anything just looked for information lmao but Hello everybody :D
  2. Wat upp mang eh :)
  3. Whats good, welcome :wave:
  4. thanks for all the replies :D and im just chilling trying to spread the word that cannabis cures cancer
  5. Whats gucci mah niga
  6. I wanna say hi but I think you had enough. Don't want you to OD now don't we?
  7. Welcome, kind sir! May you enjoy your stay at Hotel GrassCity!

    Please contact the front desk to request a pillow mint and a wake-up call at 4:20.
  8. Hello but seriously check the links in my signature, I'm sure you'll like it :D

  9. These are topics that have been brought up here before. You might find some discussion on them in the Medical Marijuana forum. :smoking:
  10. Oh i will thank you, and don't mind if i get blazed with everyone in the lobby :smoke:
  11. Thanks, ill be sure to check that out too :)

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