What up from Denver, land of Kush and Honey Oil

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hyerthanamile, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. What up everyone in stoney land. Born and raised in Denver so it's a happy accident of the universe that I'm at the epicenter of the legal weed revolution. I couldn't wait till January when sales open up to everyone so I got my red card last week! My first trip to the dispensary as a legal weed buyer I felt that anxious alertness that come with years having to deal with shady people and police. Deep down it still felt wrong. Thanks to a local magazine that exists largely off ads and coupons from the mmj community, I've hit up like 8 in the past week and now it feels like shopping for anything else....which is fucking awesome and should be experienced by every one, not just for people in Wash and Co. So until these arcane prohibition laws are off the books in EVERY state, stay active. Imma smoke a pre-rolled blunt of OG Ghost Train I just bought at the store down the street for 8$-cuz I'm lazy like that - and think about everyone being unnecessarily criminalized by a government that can't even keep the lights on. Peace y'all. Go Broncos

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