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  1. Sup yall, I'm relatively new to the Boston area. Anyone know any good headshops up near the Waltham/Newton area?
  2. Welcome to the city(Boston and Grass). Theres several headshops in Boston, The Hempest(My fav), Sugar Daddies, and buried treasures. I suggest going to all 3 and comparing prices
  3. and if I were looking for some people to hang with, are there any spots that are good to look? I don't really know many people up here yet...
  4. Can't help you on that one, im in the burbs

    But i can tell you that the hempfest on the common was quite the time
  5. thanks for the info man, looks cool. I'll have to check that out

  6. hempfest was great this year...no cops bothered me and i smoked very close to them. that guy in the gorilla costume was nucking futs. definitly something good to laugh at when ur high.

    and welcome to Boston...you should have no problem finding good bud in the city....its quite common to see people smoking in boston.
  7. If youre up for a little road-trip The Smoke Ring is Salisbury is real chill, just right up I95 from waltham.

    Decent prices too.. the city is insane.
  8. I tried googling that and just found a BBQ place... is this a head shop? A bar?

  9. Welcome to Boston, brothah!

    The majority of the bud around here is mids-high grade mids, but the good shit is definitely out there!

    If you are cool with smoking outside (which I'm not, except for some situations) I have to suggest you blaze up in the Commons at night, the huge green park near Downtown Crossing (Red and Orange line) and Park Street (Red Line). Here you the only cops you need to worry about are the mounted police that spend most of their time in one place.

    Good luck bro!

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