What u smoking frm

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  2. i wouldnt be bragging about smoking out of that...
    thats most certainly something to be ashamed of.
  3. Why the fuck are you using that with a glass bowl sitting right next to it
  4. mmm plastic

    mmm tinfoil

    thats the sickest bong ive ever seen

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  5. psht whatevs guys when i was a newbie and didn't know shit i was stoked about the gatorade bong
    i guess a big part of it is what age you started smoking and how educated you were about it
  6. Hand spun mini tube from the homie Algae outta philly. His hand worked joints are spot on.

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  7. I'd roll a joint or blunt.  Honestly the taste of smoking plastic and tin foil....that's gotta tell you something ain't right.  Nothing for human consumption should have that taste.  Do yourself a favor and use that glass pipe or roll something up.
  8. Or... you could drop $50 on a decent glass piece, and not get cancer... Plastic is gross. The foil is just a straight up terrible idea. Your life though. Live it the way you choose.

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  9. Badass little rig dude!

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  10. Yea i cannot see you op but don't use tin foil. No ugh better but try to use a socket at least, hahaha. I don't know if I'm helping but to stay relevant to the post. These are my pieces I'm smoking on.

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