What typically happens when a genius is raised by average parents or an average kid is raised by genius parents?

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  1. Any known examples or experiences with this?
  2. A genius kid would think beyond the realms of what society teaches them. That's what makes them a genius.
  3. There are too many factors in ones upbringing to pinpoint if either case had a significant effect

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    well thats what typically happens anyway...

    genius' don't only have genius offspring...and most genius' have normal average (in terms of intelligence) parents...
  5. I am a case of the former.
  6.  I disagree. lol
    But anyway, I think that all of us average peeps have the ability to get off the treadmill of bullshit and stop being victims of social programming - or at least, significantly reduce its influence on our behaviour. The difficult trick is in being aware of that programmed influence on our pet beliefs. That epiphany can go a long way in our becoming both willing and able to admit the degree those cherished beliefs are built on bullshit and most importantly, how much better off we'd be if they weren't so cherished. That can be done no matter how intelligent we are. In fact, in many cases higher intelligence just drives ego which produces an even greater entrapment in our own bullshit. 
  7. I think the term "genius" is overused as well

    A kids intelligence is more significantly affected by their upbringing than by genetics.

    Math and reading skills develop very early. And the learning curve grows exponentially

    So kids that are neglected and miss their early learning opportunities end up behind the learning curve while the kids that are taught very very young seem like "geniuses"

    Not saying genetics don't play a role, just saying that brain development plays a bigger role

  8. They turn into serial killers.. every single one of them, no exceptions.
    From my perspective, voting now amounts to sustaining an unaccountable system that would rather see its participants divided and conquered. The obsession for worldly power is grounds for control. That is essentially what the exercise of stately rights has come down to in a system where there is no representation and the party is all of the above: the voice, the pre-determined vote and the representation. Even those with high aptitude for intelligence can easily be exploited and reduced to livestock (pets) if they are not critical of their own reverberations.
    The contemporary method of action is to start sustaining for oneself. From there, networks will follow. The 1980s CERN scientists needed one so they built it themselves. It wasn't because they were geniuses but because they saw it within themselves to take initiative and build a platform of communication. Taking charge of the planet themselves for no other reason than simply: they can.
  10. Imo, the first step is to follow Polonius's advice to Laertes:
    This above all: to thine ownself be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.
    \nI doubt that I've met 1 person in 50 that is even remotely true to themselves. But probably 49 out of 50 would never believe that to be the case. Without honest integrity as the foundational framework for our vision, we will continue to stumble along blindly, lying and stealing, and hating each other, and empowering the kind of authorities that do harm - and all for the sake of narcissistic ambitions and blind adherence to utter bullshit ideologies. Yet as the proverb says, "for lack of vision the people perish." [paraphrased] 
  11. As others may profuse, The violent will not come to a good end.
    Honesty is difficult because living creatures are always in search of better worlds. The world that is within, is the same as the external world that we seek independence from.
    Pertaining to the threat title, patterns do emerge from certain upbringings. We see many of these effects already taking place, generationaly speaking. How many that are under the age of 22 now see gay rights as a non-issue? How many of those were raised in religious households that taught them homosexuality was a sin? There is a book called Cradles of Eminence that documents about 700 childhoods of famous men and women from all walks of life. The author, although she had succumbed to severe memory failures at the age of 90, did give rise to Ben Goertzel:
  12. It's Nature and Nurture combined.

    It was previously assumed that the two conflicted, de facto rather than implicit, as far as I know.

    Now, it's really known to be both, more easily understood when properly translated.
    predisposition would be genetic. However, the entire Race shares almost, if not all forms of pertinent genetic code. Add the fact that it's scientific fact that mastery and skill are shared throughout ab entire species, concluded from a single rat learning a task unnatural to its survival impulses, then ALL rats doing it in increasingly more deft maneuvers, unrelated directly and not aware of the other rar at all, let alone its pioneering task. Food for thought also, we wat,breathe,and drink DNA, which natural internal mechanisms to regulate It's effect upon you.

    At the same time, genetically identical twins of humans have been scientifically proven to be vastly different under certain upbringings

    there are many variables to consider, all involved with Free Will, no matter what spiritual or secular connotation is added

    genetic predisposition,life events, infinite variables in choice...or no choice, environmental factors of dizzying intricacies,etc.

    some genius have average parents. Some average people have genius parents.some genius are further along the hierarchy due to genius predecessors. Einstein was a genius, so was telsa.....and,technically and duagnostically so was Charles Manson....abd so is everyone in the Mensa Society worldwide.
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    My parents were not very smart and were surprised that I was intelligently sound. Having good common sense and logic are crucial attributes. I can tell when people are trying to use me and I can trick people into doing things for me. It's a bad habit and I wish I hadn't picked it up. I also do think that environment plays a significant role in developing intelligence. I was always reading books at a young age and video games seemed to help my literacy. I find it crazy that 21st century parents try so hard to control what there children do in terms of eating, social and hobbies/skills.

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  14. They won't reach their full potential.
    Take this as an example; doctors can analyze your brain and tell whether or not you have psychopathic traits. But a lot of the people they found to be psychos weren't evil or criminal. They were just like you and I. Thing is they all had normal upbringings and loving parents. Had they been from a dysfunctional household their prospects would've been very different.

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