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what type of weed wont make me too hungry?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fruitsalad, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. if i smoke sativa will i not get so hungry?? im trying to lose some weight so i dont want to eat too much but i still want to smoke
  2. I think it just depends on the person some people lose their appetite when high. Ive never noticed a difference in appetite between Sativa and indica.
  3. Pretty sure sativas give you a high that you'll eat loads, indica not so much. Atleast from my experience, if you are trying not eat much go for an indica, also smoke enough so you get couchlock and dont wana move to get food.
  4. i get the munchies regardless of what bud i smoke, there isnt much avoiding it
  5. I always get hungry. Whenever I'm high, it doesn't have to be weed. And i don't need to be high.
  6. Its hard to avoid the munchies, just get healthy snacks.
  7. Anything very sativa dominant probably won't get your appetite going as much as a really strong indica but we're all different
  8. Munchies is a hard thing to break it just became part of my smoking routine so I don't even try anymore haha
  9. when i smoke an indica strain i dont get the munchies but when i smoke a sativa i do
  10. personally i love the effects like the munchies haha idk why.
    other than that smoke some weed without thc! nah im kidding deal with it i guess
  11. Eat healthy and exercise instead.
  12. Indica is what gives you the munchies. But unless you go to a club you aren't gonna find a pure sativa.

    If you wanna lose weight stop being a fatass and start running. I can get high as shit and not touch a piece of candy. Its mind over matter.
  13. I read somewhere that you get the munchies because weed makes your blood sugar drop. Try eating an orange/apple/pear an hour or so before you smoke.
  14. 2 people said Sativa genetics give you munchies, 2 people said Indica. We need the experts in here :D
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    Well i just googled this shit. A lot of different info out there... But most seems to say that they both cause the munchies and its more person/strain dependent.

    That surprises me because i always thought indica was responsible for the munchies. Could have sworn i read that some where. But whatever.

    Op if you have a medical card just google some good strains with low munchies. In fact you should just be able to ask whoever is working at the dispensary.

    If you don't have a card then don't worry about it. Your dealer isn't gonna have a variety of legit strains anyway. If you really can't control your munchies then stop smoking. Or workout hard all week and get super blazed and eat tough on saturday.
  16. Just get some sugar free ice cream and cookies and stuff you won't be able to tell the difference I don't think...
  17. Indica's make you wan't to eat more. 100% fact. If you ever try a legit pure sativa(very rare) you will actually not get the munchies.

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