What Type Of Weed Should I Smoke First And What Should I Smoke It Out Of?

Discussion in 'General' started by AlexSmith22, May 15, 2014.

  1. First time I smoked I got paranoid and I haven't smoked since. I'm gonna try again, how much should I smoke?

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  2. Pack up a small pebble into whatever smoking device you have.
  3. [​IMG]
    Just a little bit (reference to 50 cent song)... Seriously, only take a couple of hits then chill with your friends. When one of our friends who never smoked before wants to, we only let him have a couple of hits even if he says he isn't high.
    Smoke out of a bowl (easiest for a begineer).... We also light it up and hold it if they have never smoked before.
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  5. Get a little glass pipe, pack a little bowl, take 2-3 hits of some mids and see what happens. Go from there.
  6. Smoke some of the green stuff. I hear it's nice.

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  7. First time I smoked was out of a 20 oz Strawberry Fanta bottle with foil as screen.
  8. Until you are high...All of the time. :cool:
  9. Get some caviar and smoke a few grams of that.
      Lol just kidding. If it makes you paranoid, then don't smoke weed.
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    I smoked like 4-5 times before I actually got high. First time I got high we broke into a school and smoked 3 blunts back to back before someone showed me how to inhale. Well, they showed me halfway through blunt #1. By the end of #3 I was so high I had no idea what was happening. I had never even been drunk before so the feeling of intoxication was new to me. A little overwhelming but we had a ton of fun.

    Also dude I expect necros from randoms but you know better :laughing:

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