what type of tub to use?

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  1. i have a rubbermaid 57 gallon roughneck and it keeps cracking and the lid wont seal right.

    i need suggestions on a container that wont crack, seals easier, and will hold 14 3" net pots.
  2. any ideas on a sturdy, non-leaking container for a 14 site aeroponic set up?
  3. That's a big tub.

    Maybe get a couple smaller ones? It would be more manageable.

    That thing is cracking and hard to seal because its huge. lol.

    Get a can of black spray paint and paint the outside of the tub and that will end the light leaks.

    Here is a link to the container store. They have every bin/tub on the planet.

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  5. thank you! those 20 gallon watertight ones look perfect and yeah the cracking at the bottom is definately due to weight.

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