what type of strain should i grow please help

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  1. i am trying to find out what type of strain should i grow this will be my first time so i am looking for a nice dank but easy grow i looked at how to pick the best strain and i will answer the questions and it would be nice if you guys could tell me if any strain comes to mind.i am looking for one plant with a huge yield and dececent quailty and another strain thats great but a small yield but over 150 grams i definatly want a mental high i kinda want to be high like the best party high i guess you could say i love to party ahah looking to buy online so the seeds possibilty can be anything and dont really have a price range

    i will be growing in the woods so dont gotta worry bout smell
  2. o and i am looking for specfic strains
  3. Indica= Smaller plants, shorter flower time, thicker denser buds

    Sativa= Taller plants, longer flower time, arguably better smoke

    Hybrid= Find your two favorites and get the best of both!


    Indica= Afghani, Kush, Big Bud, Northern Lights, etc.

    Sativa= Thai, Haze, Jack Herer, Maui Waui, etc

    Hybrid= AK-47, Bubblegum, White Widow, etc

    There are also Ruderalis strains that auto-flower without switching to a 12-12 photoperiod.
  4. what is your favorite of each
  5. I prefer to GROW Indicas because they require less time.

    Whenever I BUY weed though, I look for Sativas since I don't have the time to grow those.

    Otherwise, If you find a nice Hybrid like AK-47, you get a shorter flowering time, with the traits of a Sativa.

    My favorite Indica is Blackberry Kush. My favorite Sativa is any kind of Haze.
  6. so r u saying that if i have all the time in the world grow sativa and if i need a quick grow, grow indica and wich is easier to grow
  7. Yeah pretty much. Some people just love Sativa's and don't mind the wait.

    Where are you getting seeds? That's pretty cool if you get your choice.
  8. Nice. Whats your favorite to smoke? I would go for that.
  9. my favorite is white widow wich i am definatly getting and im also going to get Hawaiian Snow i am just looking for a few more
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    ^^or wait for others to grow , and see if breeder is worth 20 bones per bean ^^^

    EDIT : I should add some suggestions too, I guess :eek:

    Purple Moroccan from Female Seeds Purple Maroc - Female Seeds - Femaleseeds.nl - Specialising in female will finish outdoors by Oct 1st with good yields (even better tolerances) and smokes like a sativa.

    Timewarp by Next Gen Seed Co Timewarp | Next Generation Seed Co. | Green Life Seeds another hearty early flowerign strain that will finish by the second week in Sept. ( and is touted as Canada's #1 cash cropper).

    PPP by Nirvana Nirvana PPP (10 seeds) finishes by second week in Oct. and has huge harvests.....LOTS of outdoor growers swear by it here on GC.

    good luck
  11. I'd do sour60 outdoors, it's an autoflower...then you have a guaranteed harvest time rather then having to wait all season.
  12. Super Skunk is the easiest plant I have seen to grow in my own experiences.
    It is a really good buzz as well.

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