What type of stoner are you?

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  1. I am an extreme liberal who enjoys all 60's/70's hippy music while smoking. I am liberal on every issue. What type are you?
    :smoking: ON!
  2. Sorry for posting this under this category. I am blazed right so I forgot. Thanks for understanding.
    :smoking: ON!
  3. lol baked.
  4. Search Much? There is a thread with the exact same title with over 80 pages of responses
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  6. I am chill, it all depends on the situation though. haha
  7. The kind that smokes weed and eats mcdonalds.
  8. Im the type of stoner, who believes in one of the ethics of smoking the fine herb is to experience with friends, never be a loner stoner, youll look up and be a goner.

    I have friends to smoke with at ALL times, Day night, midnight 1,2,3 in the morning. Someone to share the laughs and stupidity.

  9. AGREED!
    although sometimes its really nice to smoke and then just take sometime to yourself and think about everything of life and enjoy the enhanced beauty of the world around you and go on a journey and see where life takes you.
  10. I'm a person who likes 'erbs.
  11. i'm the type of person who dislikes the term stoner, and enjoys the actual act of smoking as much as i enjoy the high.
  12. I'm the stoned type duh
  13. one who enjoys being high daily, in numerous situations.
  14. Enjoys a good high, especially for medical properties.
  15. The kind that stones people to death.
  16. i'm the kinda stoner that likes the act of smoking, as well as being high. i'm pretty much high all day from the time i get up till i go to sleep. don't stay baked all day though. can't accomplish much like that.

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