What type of stoner are you?

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  1. My question is: what type of pothead are you? Not demographic wise, more or less emotions wise while high. Obnoxious, Funny, Laid backed, Angry (Not sure if that's possible),etc.

    I am generally chill. I don't talk much while I'm sober, nor when I'm high. I spend time taking care of the other people in my group, making sure they don't cause trouble. So, blades, what're you like while high?
  2. Im the stoner that when you look over at me when in a circle im staring at some random object. Just zoned out and taking everything in. I become more or less. completely anti - scoical. which is why i only smoke with my close friends or when im alone.
  3. I like to laugh. I'm always the one who's totally geekin out on something. But when I'm smoking Sativa, I like to listen to music and smoke cigarettes and talk to people. I have my few friends that I love to smoke with, but if I'm smoking with somebody new, I like to try to get to know them better.

    But yeah, I just feel really light and carefree, I like to keep people smiling and make sure everyone has a good vibe going on. (Cause it totally sucks having someone unhappy and being a buzzkill.)
  4. Im just laid back....you'd probably never even know Im high. But, Im 40 yrs old and been smokin forever...lol...you mature with it and dont act so goofy...
  5. I know what you mean. In my circle if someone is being a buzzkill they are kicked out the room temporarily. A kid puked on himself at my cousin's house and was kicked out for ever, not for puking on himself, as that was purely accidental but he had drunken more than he could handle.

  6. Ugh, thats a bummer. It made me remember New Years. I smoked out this guy with a friend of mine, and he was actually really fucking chill. Fun to talk to, he just radiated some really weird energy, kinda like that of someone who is totally lost in life but trying to get by, and I felt for him. We went back in the house after the sesh, and I found him a few hours later passed out on the couch with a whole bunch of bro-fags drawing on him. I guess they pressured him into drinking a handle of Jose Cuervo, and he couldn't handle it.

    That wasn't so much of a buzzkill as it was him trying too hard to fit in and suffering because of it. Ah well.

  7. I hear you on that. I find that I can control my high alot better now that I've been smoking for a while. I used to pass out after smoking, regardless of where I was or who I was with, but now I can get up and do shit if I wanted to.
    You definitely do mature with it. I've still got some growing up to do, but I'm pretty content with the person I am when I'm stoned.

  8. My daughter is 23 and when she walks through the door, you KNOW if she's high....lol...she has them droopy eyes and that stupid giggle...cant carry a conversation past 3 sentences...lol...and she's been smokin a while, too! I was bustin her with it when she was 15...It's funny because I look at her and see 'me' when I was her age...lol...even though we dont act so silly when we get older, trust me, the high is still just as good!
  9. man i'm my tru self when i smoke, outgoing, funny even to people not high, and always active. i fuckin HATE when im wit a group of people that just sits in their cars listening to music..thats okay sumtimes but cmon i wana do sumthing
  10. the kind that smokes a lot of good bud
  11. That's what happens when you try too hard to fit in. I tend to stand my ground; mainly because I'm lazy and prefer not to give in to demands, because that requires more effort than is needed. I'm not up for that shit :rolleyes:.
  12. I'm a little philosophical vibesman trying to solve everyone's problems.
  13. I get more sociable and less cautious of what I say to people. Also, I loosen up and get more aggresive.
  14. She may be like that for the rest of her smoking years. I have plenty of friends that act like so, even after countless years of smoking. One of my best friends has been smoking for much longer than I have, yet is still acts blatantly high. I've only been smoking for 6 years, almost, but never have acted like that :cool:. I suppose it depends on the person.
  15. I geek the fuck out and occaisonally see things (FUCKING GAZELLES MAN! IN THE FIELD!!! GET IN THE SHED!!! RUN!!! IT'S THE ONLY WAY WE'LL BE SAFE!!!!) hehehe i'm goofy as a mothafucka.
  16. When i smoke i also get very anti-social I just wanna relax and wacthin ppl. act stupid kills my high....We're not drinking here ladies, keep ur pants on....
  17. The type that smokes the dank buds.
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    I usually don't talk much but I've noticed that as my tolerance has been improving so has my ability to keep up conversation when I smoke. I tend to have a giant grin plastered on my face whether or not people are being funny. I always want to chill; even if I'm smoking a sativa-dominant, I'd rather chill out on a long drive or listen to music than go do homework or go for a hike or other random things that people do. And I am constantly looking for something... when I'm high the majority of my thoughts are dedicated to keeping track of my phone, pipe, grinder, and/or the bag of weed.

    EDIT: The only thing that can bother me when I'm high is loudness. Whether it's people yelling like idiots, or blasting music till it sounds distorted, I really hate it.
  19. i zone out like crazy.. and ofcourse i laugh. im pretty anti-social, but if im with close friends then hell why not talk?
  20. i laugh at stuff other people dont. small stuff makes me laugh and i usaully say something really dumb to a girl. but i dont wild out like a little kid. i control myself and can act sober when needed. and i hate sketched out people. i dont get sketched out, its a buzz kill, prolly the biggest buzz kill for me

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