What type of stoner are YOU

Discussion in 'General' started by 9xKitsun3, Nov 26, 2013.

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    - giggles
    - paranoid
    - the thinker / dreamer / philosophical
    - trip the fk out
    - artistic
    - calm cool relaxed
    - angry
    - depressed
    - munchies bandit

  2. Yeah I also thought king of the hill is a pretty good show.
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    didn't know it was in a show,
    want to see the statistics of the stoners here :)
  4. depends on the weed i have smoked, but never andry, paranoid or depressed. i dont really trip the fuck out either.
    pretty much a munchies bandit every time though, doesnt matter what time it is, i just love eating when im high
  5. I'm usually calm, I gotta smoke a TON for me to giggle lol

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  6. I'm a little bit calmer but that's about it 
    Tolerance is a blessing and a curse 
  7. -More tolerable of people
    -Little paranoid
    -Laid back
    -Giggly (every now and then)
    -Hopeless (every now and then)
  8. i do all of those things except maybe angry i dont think that one is possible
  9. Idunno I just get more relaxed, usually in a more fun mood, laugh more, but I still act basically myself. 
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    Depends on the day and how much I've smoked :smoke:
  11. dreamer/giggles/gamer
  12. - giggles
    -sleepy (depends on my surroundings ,and what kind of cannabis I've smoked)
    - the thinker / dreamer / philosophical
    - artistic
    - calm cool relaxed
    - munchies bandit
  13. You forgot horny =)
  14. I tend to get anxious and paranoid, but I can calm my mind down so I don't bug out about it. Just gotta tell myself "dude, chill, the cops aren't busting anybody's door down!"
  15. giggly
    trip sometimes depends on the weed
    can be paranoid at times
    tired after

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  16. im all of those and more 
  17. changes all the time depending on my mental state when Im not high (if my life is really calm at the time, or stressed out...) as well as who i'm smoking with and where they head the convo. but one thing for sure is I'm always hungry
  18. A hungry ass one lmao :p
  19. I'm a mix of those actually. I'm a thinker,artistic and relaxed.
    I'm a hidden stoner, most people would have never guessed that I smoked.

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